10 Big Facebook Buys You Should Know About Social Networks / By Luciana F. 12 years ago Facebook was born and went from being a private network for Harvard students to a worldwide social phenomenon. According to the company’s latest report, Facebook has 890 million active users every day. And as is already common knowledge, the best acquisitions take place in the technology sector, and this social network is no stranger to it. Facebook has bought great potential competitors and other products that today bring great benefits not only to its network. Therefore,  but also to its public. And now, analyzing each of Facebook’s purchases since its foundation.

it is said that these would have a value of 22 Billion dollars. Of this group, three correspond to 95% of those 22 billion and are: 1. WhatsApp at 19 billion. Therefore,  In a bid to dominate online messaging, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a record $19 billion. The 5-year-old app had 450 million users at the time of acquisition in February, adding Slovenia Phone Number a million users every day. company-whatsaap-is-bought-by-facebook 2. Oculus at 2 billion. Oculus creates a virtual reality headset that covers users’ eyes and immerses them in a virtual environment that responds to their head movements.

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Facebook said its goal is to invest in the product for the future. facebook-buy-oculus 3. Instagram at 1 billion. Facebook bought the photo-sharing network Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, with a combination of cash and stock. “Providing the best photo-sharing experience is one reason so many people love Facebook and we knew there would be value in bringing those two companies together,” Mark Zuckerberg said of the acquisition. facebook-purchase-instagram. Therefore, The rest of Facebook’s acquisitions (5%) are divided into various purchases, not as widespread, but now you will know which ones we are talking about.

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In 2012, Facebook acquired this Israeli company that is capable of recognizing the faces of users and tags them with their names. facebook-buy-face-com-facepalm 5. Atlas Advertiser Suite (100 million). Since 2013, this platform increased Facebook advertising sales after having bought the company from Microsoft. This platform discovers user tastes and interests and connects them with sponsors. facebook-atlas 6. Snaptu (70 million). This application was by Facebook in 2011 and is capable of integrating all kinds of software, regardless of the platform.

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It has been used to adapt services of the Facebook app to all types of mobiles. facebook-buy-snaptu 7. Patent deals (550 million). In April 2012, Facebook announced a deal with Microsoft, giving Facebook the right to buy a portion of a patent the personal computer giant acquired from AOL Inc. the-patents-of-facebook 8. FriendFeed (47.5 million).  Therefore, The social media feed, which brings together updates from different social networks, became part of Facebook in 2009. It is capable of aggregating and grouping updates from users’ favorite social networks, blogs, and other services. facebook-buy-friendfeed 9. Branch ($15 million). It belongs to Facebook since 2014.

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