Among the many performance indicators , you can sometimes get lost and I am Australian Email Lists surprised to see the impressive number of blog posts, studies or even white papers discussing the problem of the high bounce . I often read headlines like ” X Reasons Your Bounce Rate Is Too High “, ” Set Your Bounce Rate Quickly in X Easy Steps “, ” High Bounce Rate: You Will Be Doomed!” “, Etc. And each time, the same angle of attack is used. We will be told that ” a high bounce rate means that the visitor did not find my site interesting so the lower my bounce rate, the better my job ”. I do not agree with this assumption.

In my opinion, the notion of bounce rate cannot be reduced to such a level of simplicity ” high bounce rate = poor site”. To give it meaning, this indicator must be placed in its context, put into perspective with the digital strategy put in place . In fact, there are situations where a 75% bounce rate can be a good thing. I will try to explain it through this article. But before…

What is a bounce rate?

According to the definition of Google himself, the bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit only one page of a website before leaving it . Basically, this means that a user lands on your site and leaves immediately without taking any action.

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Now that this notion is cleared up, let me tell you what I think about it. I am of the opinion that if your website has a high bounce rate, it is very likely that you are in one of two situations: This article aims to bring together some of the best resources that we regularly consult at Markentive and which will allow you to improve your skills. inbound marketing until you become a real specialist in the discipline :

You have succeeded in attracting the right audience to your website

I can already see some eyebrows frown. Yes, a high bounce rate can in some cases be a sign of a good digital marketing strategy ! Since it indicates the percentage of people who leave your site after having visited a single and unique page, we can deduce that in fact, the Internet user simply found everything he wanted on the page visited and that he left your site satisfied (for example if it found your contact details directly on your contacts page). In this case, your page grabbed your perfect Bersona Buyer and provided them with exactly what they wanted.… Which in itself isn’t a bad thing, is it? You’ve helped your reader quickly find what they’re looking for. It is highly likely that he will come back to visit your site in the future because you have given him a positive experience.

Also, if you blog regularly , this high bounce rate may indicate a presence of engaged and regular readers on your site . Imagine that you publish one article per day and that you have managed to retain a reader, each morning they will visit your new article, devour it, and then go away until the next morning. Tip : To make sure that your bounce rate is a positive sign for you, put it in perspective with the average length of visit.on your website. If this is important, it is proof that your visitors come to read you on a regular basis , as is the case with our marketing blog Markentive , as you can see below.

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