Attracting talent is expecte to become an (even) greater Senegal Phone Number challenge in the coming years. According to research center ROA , 1.6 million employees will have to be replace in the next six years. Partly because of the aging population. Technical personnel in Senegal Phone Number particular is scarce. When you as an organization show leadership on certain themes, new talent will catch on. Edelman’s research confirms this. When is thought leadership content good? Because Senegal Phone Number only 15% of decision-makers rate thought leadership content as very good or excellent. This means that as an organization you have to work to share high-quality content with your target group. So the bar is high. What actually makes this type of B2B content good?

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Walt Disney once said: I prefer to entertain people in Senegal Phone Number the hope that they learn, rather than teach people in the hope that they are entertaine. The decision-makers surveye agree with the legendary entertainer: thought leadership content should Senegal Phone Number be ‘entertaining’, provide it offers sufficient intellectual value. Edelman Senegal Phone Number concludes: “ 87% of buyers say that thought leadership content can be both intellectually rigorous and fun to consume at the same time. † Highlight from 2021 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study (Source: 2021 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study .

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In addition, decision makers strongly prefer a human Senegal Phone Number tone over a formal tone (64% versus 36%). They also prefer to see a person with a clear point of view bring the story, rather than a brand or logo (67% versus 33%). It’s good to know Senegal Phone Number that 81% of decision makers even require the content author to be provocative. Knowledge leaders should therefore absolutely excite their readers. This is also reflecte in the example of EY’s partners. Decision-makers at Senegal Phone Number government organizations are challenge in the article to look at citizens from a different perspective. In addition, the content should not be overstate (77%) and it is highly appreciate if the burden of proof from third parties is include (80%).

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