Which certainly adds even more value to this medium. Banner-background The Folha article still raises the question of how far the partnership between Porta dos Fundos and Google will go. Since one of the main sources of income for the channel is Google ads. Anyone who works with content creation on the internet and uses any of Google’s tools knows that they are accessible platforms. But after a certain point they no longer pay off. The very plausible path would be to create their own website. Where they could earn 100% of the income that was collected from the videos. But this involves a lot of costs and certainly brings other various limitations.

If Facebook Doesn’t Help and You

But one of the five partners guarantees that they are satisfied with the platform. At least for now. Youtube is increasingly showing itself as a strong platform for publishing professional content. Something that goes far beyond humorous videos. These are steps that Youtube Australia Accountant Email Lists takes to become. Who knows. Something much bigger than traditional television. Two important steps towards this have already been taken. Such as the beginning of paid channels and also youtube Spaces . Places where Google offers a professional structure for free video generation.

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You Can Go to a Lawyer and Seek Legal

Nobody needs to tell you that Google is the main search engine in the world and it is even stronger in Brazil. In many cases. Google is one of the main sources of traffic to the site. Accounting for more than half of the visits without much difficulty. But Google has another great use besides bringing visitors to your website: knowing what people are saying about your company on the internet. Numerous posts. Websites and news are created and published daily.

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