Many of you appreciated Geoffrey Bressan’s article “How Inbound Marketing Can Help You Get Your Dream Job” . Remember, Geoffrey recalled the story of Lindsey Kirchoff who had landed a job at Hubspot, the Colombia Email Address of software solutions dedicated to Inbound Marketing. It was about presenting the constructed and thoughtful trajectory of Lindsey, very inspired by inbound marketing , who had adopted a proactive approach to be spotted by the targeted company.

Today, I can’t resist the urge to bring this subject up to date to announce the arrival of Geoffrey Bressan in the Markentive team. Geoffrey now occupies a position of Inbound Marketing consultant and assists me in the development and implementation of inbound strategies on behalf of our clients. Strategic and operational project manager, he works in synergy with the agency’s editors, community managers, graphic designers and web designers, to guide our clients towards success and transform their web platforms into business development tools. This demanding position, in constant interaction with customers, requires us to recruit exceptional profiles and “out of the box”, for a profession that we are reinventing.

Personal branding at the time of the job search.

Geoffrey, won over by the Inbound Marketing approach, began by creating a blog powered by WordPress to present his vision of inbound marketing. Now based in Canada and project manager in communications, Geoffrey offered to write blog posts for the main inbound marketing agencies in Europe. In view of his work on his own blog, most European agencies then jumped at the opportunity to benefit from interesting content presenting a different perspective, allowing the young blogger to strengthen his personal branding at the same time.

Colombia Email Address

This approach was also supported by skilful social media management, allowing Geoffrey to make himself visible quite easily in the sphere of French-speaking inbound marketing. This story is also a good example of the upheavals in the world in which we operate. The information is easily accessible for a recruiter, who can view your slideshare presentations, your social network profiles, your forums, your blog… It’s up to you to take control of your image! There was only one opportunity missing!

Our ambition is to put people and talents before technology.

Today, there are many emailing, tracking, marketing automation and other solutions that are very effective and easily accessible for costs compatible with the constraints of the agencies, and the budgets of the clients. We do not therefore pretend to have a unique and miracle solution, but we are constantly committed to entering as far as possible into the privacy of our customers to offer them the solution they expect, the one that will allow them to achieve their goals, to have the metrics they need, but which will also be in line with their budget. We solve the problems of our customers, and they are very varied, far too different for us to offer them copy and paste, reheated, repackaged and scalable.

Before action, reflection therefore motivates us and leads us to put in place the best strategy, the one that we can defend today and tomorrow, whatever the final results. It is also with this idea that Geoffrey joined Markentive, to give us new insight and energize our approach. NB: If you are awesome, show it! We are very interested in this, as our adventure has only just begun and we need real talent now, ready to reinvent our clients’ marketing. Experts in health, services, finance, ready-to-wear, agrifood, we are waiting for you!

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