However, at the end of 2019, Facebook’s economic growth suffered a decrease of 16% compared to the previous year. Which meant the lowest growth since its creation. The reason for this fall was due to a series of fines for privacy violations committed by Facebook. Precisely, in July 2019, the United States Federal Trade Commission sanctioned Facebook with 5,000 million dollars for its mismanagement of user privacy. In fact, it is one of the largest fines ever made on a technology company in the United States. This situation eventually affected Facebook in a certain way, although the growth of its assets managed to sustain itself. In any case, it is a point to consider since investors sell their shares when they have a negative indicator in the growth of the company.

Therefore, Facebook had to take matters into its own hands and reaffirm its commitment to preserving the privacy of its users. In this way, he manages to prevent these scandals from continuing to affect his profits. Facebook vs. TikTok Since TikTok has shown significant user growth in recent years. In 2019 alone, the TikTok app was Jamaica Phone Number downloaded 738 million times, leaving Facebook and Instagram behind. Which is important since this figure represents the 44% downloads that TikTok has had since its launch. Of course, a large part of TikTok users are in the United States and China, a country where Facebook is not available. Thus, TikTok has become a serious threat to Facebook . Especially since it has captured the attention of the younger segment of users.

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who are so valuable to Facebook. For this reason, as it often does when unable to complete a purchase, Facebook has tried to copy features from TikTok . However, it has not achieved greater success and TikTok has continued to add downloads and permanent users. Likewise, it has become one of the favorite platforms for influencers and brands. Another manifestation of this Facebook vs TikTok battle is the mutual accusations of monopoly and political influence. Zuckerberg accused TikTok in 2019 of censoring demonstrations and activism, in addition to unprotecting privacy policies by letting the Chinese government interfere. Taking into account that in China the use of Facebook is prohibited. Despite mutual accusations of control, things have not changed significantly.

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And each social network continues to climb. Facebook Features Facebook Features Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world, as its platform has been innovating every year to improve the experience of millions of users. Likewise, it has sought to improve digital marketing options for the brands that are present in this network. It also helps users and natural and legal companies to have better communication with their contacts, and improve interaction channels. Therefore, we detail what are the most outstanding characteristics of this network. interactive Facebook Provides facilities for the user to interact with other people on this social network.

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In this way they can through the messaging service, react to the publications of their friends and exchange opinions. It has also been adding other activities that make this one of the most used social networks in the world. Accessible Facebook can from any mobile device or from the computer , and it offers the same navigation options. In addition, in some places that have a poor Internet connection, it has used Wi-Direct.  A tool that allows access to the Internet and chat on Messenger. bidirectional For brands.  This is an important feature because it can generate interaction between customers and brand. In this way, the receivers become transmitters and disseminators of messages that most caught their attention.

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