But are these also the questions that a new employee has Israel Phone Number in the first period? Radboudumc discovered that it was not the information about the culture or other ‘nice’ aspects of the organization. That most newcomers clicked on in their onboarding tool. On Israel Phone Number the contrary: it was the page about ‘compliance’ (the laws and regulations in the organization. The map of the Radboudumc that attracted the most visitors. Do you realize that your new employees are busy with much more basic things. Than your undoubtedly epic annual ski trip, or how your company started.

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It concerns much more ‘boring’ things, such as Israel Phone Number where the bicycle shed is, and whether the employment contract is already in order. By prominently discussing these types of basic questions, you show that you understand the new Israel Phone Number employee. New10 does this smartly by allowing the first period of onboarding to focus on company-wide matters and only then functionally dives into the in-depth. You can easily share this type of information remotely and do not have to wait for the employee to walk around the office. Image accompanying article about hybrid onboarding.

First Step Starts

Israel Phone Number

Make sure you really understand the Israel Phone Number newcomers In order to plan the onboarding properly, it is useful to actively involve new Israel Phone Number employees. This seems like a no-brainer, yet too few companies do it. For example, Scale-up New10 (part of ABN-Amro) found that newcomers felt lost after a great first few days (which New10 put a lot of work into). The company adjusted the program and brought more attention to the first month. The effect?

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