Our goal, with Philippines WhatsApp Number List  is to give as many people as possible the possibility of driving an electric car and thus offer an ecological and sustainable alternative to the thermal individual vehicle. Many people do not have the choice of taking a car to get to work or carry out their daily activities. Rather than decrying a lack of ecological awareness, we prefer to offer them a more sustainable mobility solution! Greenmove logo Nice ambition, how do you go about it? The main obstacle in buying an electric vehicle is still, unfortunately, the price. In order to make electric vehicles more accessible, access must therefore be unlocked occasionally

especially through rental. Generally, three major questions arise and are obstacles to the appropriation of this new mode of transport via the second-hand: Technology: isn’t a vehicle more than 3 years old obsolete and does it still meet my needs in a context of rapid technological change? Autonomy: can I trust the battery of a used electric vehicle or will I run out of fuel? Usage: how will I charge my vehicle? On these questions there is a real educational work to be done to reassure. Our goal is therefore to offer the vehicle most suited to the customer’s needs. For example and to give factual elements, 90% of urban or interurban trips do not

How Was Greenmove Born

exceed 30 km per day. Based on this observation, we help our customers to reposition their use. Thus, to make the electric vehicle accessible, we operate two levers: The second-hand rather than new, unprofitable given the annual loss of value of the vehicle Long-term rental rather than purchase, with relatively low monthly payments Tell us more about Greenmove’s business model? Our customers are distributed almost evenly in B2B and B2C. On the B2B side, we are positioned on SMEs and VSEs, because they are often poorly addressed customers by players already in place, who focus more on new builds and for large


companies. In summary, we offer three offers: the sale of used cars, long-term rental (LLD) and medium-term rental. This latest offer allows those hesitant to test the service over a few months, with a limited commitment, and to convert the trial if the need is confirmed at the end of the testing period. Long and medium term rentals represent 95% of our turnover. Government incentives on the conversion bonus were reinforced at the beginning of August, after a rapid sale of the 200,000 models initially eligible for this measure. We have clearly felt this movement, along with regional aid, in the requests we have received for our services. On the other side of the value chain, we have a very rigorous sourcing policy to ensure that we

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work with partners who meet the same standards as ours. Thus, we certify the quality of the battery on our entire fleet of vehicles, which is our main criterion. We also try to be just in time and limit our stocks (which can reach up to 45 days with traditional players) which require significant working capital as long as the vehicle is not rented. On this point, the second-hand market has the advantage of having shorter delivery times than new: a few weeks against several months. Finally, we also offer all the ancillary services to the use of the electric vehicle: control points, installation of domestic recharging, green contract in partnership

with Engie, daily support in controlling the vehicle, etc. We want to provide complete support, from start to finish, because we know that the handling of an electric vehicle raises many questions for users. Checkpoint carried out by a Greenmove technician How was Greenmove born? This idea of ​​creating a player specializing in electricity emerged within Wefound, Corporate Startup Studio , co-founder of startups on the strategic issues of large groups. The observation is as follows: large groups have many assets and above all need to build the future in order to be sustainable. And to do this, we are convinced that they must invest

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