In the row where the + icon is , you will be able to notice a series of metrics that are important to know and interpret, so that you can go deeper into the behavior of your ads and ad groups. Google ads In columns you can edit what you need to see permanently, according to your measurement preferences. And in turn, you can filter to review, for example, the campaign period. Metrics we suggest to keep in mind Impressions , because it refers to the number of times that.  Your ad has been shown in the searches that users have made. If it is important to specify that if your campaign has 300 impressions.  It means that they have been shown 300 times.  In a certain period of time. Clicks , here you can see the number of times.  Users on the ad or also, as the number of parties attracted by the ad.

If you have a good number of impressions, but a low number of clicks; We could interpret that the ad is not being considered by users, therefore, it may require optimization or it may not happen that you are not appearing in the first positions. CTR (Click Through Rate) READ MORE 7 benefits of training companies in Digital Marketing Japan Phone Number Since we already know the number of impressions and the number of clicks, we can now review the CTR. This metric is the number of clicks, divided by impressions (clicks/impressions), for your campaign. The CTR is the % of notoriety of our ads, that is why it is so important to keep it in mind. It is relative to determine when a % is relevant.

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because it will depend on the sector and the search volume you have, but a high CTR indicates that it is going well. How to get a referral, in some industries getting 5% is a good number. Cost It is the amount of money you have spent on each campaign, in the selected period of time. This is directly related to the keywords that are activating the ads and the CPC, that is, the cost per word; That is why it is important to review the volume of searches for these words vs. the search terms, so you can make the necessary adjustments. CPC It is the Cost per click, it indicates the value for each click made on the Google ad. That is, if in 7 days, your campaign has spent $20,000 and you have 400 clicks, your CPC is $50. Read More: Why you should use Google Tag Manager conversions.

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It refers to the number of Leads you got, once they have clicked on your ad. Your conversion action will depend on “the action” that you have as your objective, for example, if you have an e-commerce, a sale is your conversion. If you are looking for a product to be quoted, the form is another type of conversion or if they schedule a visit, it is also a valued action. READ MORE How to put together a successful marketing plan for summer 2022 It is important to track conversions. In case you sell services, you can measure the conversions in the contacts. That arrive in meeting you, in the calls to arrange a meeting or to request something specific. In the case of phone calls, it is an ad that is activated for mobile devices and you can find out its conversion in a separate column.

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you only have to incorporate it into your columns, in order to review it. Cost/Conversion It allows you to see if your campaigns have a high or low cost for each conversion made.  That is, it allows us to calculate their profitability. This metric is directly related to the value of your products and/or service. If you see that a campaign has a low cost/conversion in relation to.  What what you offer costs, it is suggested to increase the budget. With these indications, you can now do the first follow-ups to your campaigns! We recommend the following article: Tracking in Google Ads.  Keywords and Ad Extensions If you want to learn from the experts. Sign up for our complete Google Specialist Program. Where you can learn in depth how to use Google Ads.

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