Google has posted UAE Mobile Number Database most frequently asked questions about its Core Web Vitals program in its Webmaster Help Center, with specific answers. As a reminder, the Core Web Vitals are a set of 3 metrics relating to the user experience which will be taken into account as an SEO ranking factor.These FAQs posted by Google aim to provide more details for webmasters who are wondering how to meet the requirements of Core Web Vitals metrics that we presented to you as a major evolution for SEO in 2021.As a reminder, these Core Web Vitals metrics are added to 4 other metrics already taken into consideration by Google, in order to form a set of signals making up the Page Experience ranking

Instead of translating these questions and answers for you which you can refer to for yourself if you are .Through responses to the questions “Why are there different performance scores between mobile and desktop?” “And” Is there a difference between the impact of signals on ranking on mobile and desktop? Google clearly indicates that the user experience as a ranking factor will only be effective on mobile. Not very surprising, knowing that the mobile version of your site has been considered the main one by Google since the deployment of the mobile-first index .

One factor among many

For those who are already panicking at the idea of ​​not fulfilling the conditions of the Page Experience signals, Google logically specifies that it constitutes a ranking factor among many others for SEO . The California-based company complements its response by adding that the search intent behind the user submitted query remains a very strong signal. Therefore, a web page that falls short of meeting the Page Experience criteria can rank very well in the SERPs if its content is relevant.PWA or SPA technologies? Follow Core Web Vitals guidelines!Core Web Vitals metrics measure the experience a user has while browsing a web page but do not take into account the technologies used to deliver that experience.


Therefore, whether you are building your pages in Progressive Web App (PWA) or Single Page Application (SPA), make sure that the architecture meets the performance thresholds recommended by the Core Web Vitals metrics. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) : Key visual elements of your web page should be visible within 2.5 seconds of the page starting to load.First Input Delay (FID) : the user must be able to interact with your page in less than 100 milliseconds. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) : your web page must be visually stable. Take care that the user does not accidentally click on an element by wanting to click on something else because the element loaded and appeared at the last moment.

Do you use the AMP format? You are already ready for this update

Google indicates that there is a good chance that pages in AMP format meet the performance thresholds of Core Web Vitals. However, it is quite possible that pages without AMP format could meet these criteria or even outperform! The AMP format is absolutely not mandatory.When Google announced that this update would be deployed in June 2021, the company announced the possibility of seeing visual indicators appear in its SERPs next to the results of pages that met the Page Experience criteria. This shattering statement was added motivation for webmasters to start working on improving their UX on mobile now. Unfortunately, no details relating to this information have been included in these FAQs.

However, if we trust the Sistrix tool, we can see that the impact of this Core Update on the French SERPs corresponds to the post Black Friday period, which exceptionally took place this year between the 4th and the 6th December. Would this be wanted on the part of Google in order to preserve this essential weekend for e-merchants? We want to believe it … even if Google has other concerns. Obviously, this announcement is a weapon that will help Google better face the end of the year, synonymous with major shopping events (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas)! We also imagine that the Prime Day of Amazon should motivate Google to put the package on the promotions by.

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