This means Saudi Arabia Phone Number List these free product results will be displayed in order of relevance, like regular SEO search results , as opposed to paid results .However, advertisers will still be able to pay to increase the number of their product listings. As with normal search results, Google will still allow advertisers to generate more exposure through paid / sponsored Google Ads product listings , although the majority of displayed results will be free.This change will further increase the power and relevance of Google as an e-commerce platform. Like other platforms, such as Pinterest , which seeks to exploit its e-commerce potential and offer direct purchase options from product listings, Google has sought to add other ways to improve its options.

allowing to buy directly on its platform, in order to fend off the fierce competition from Amazon . And as the majority of internet users are still starting to search through Google, this addition could be extremely valuable, and will be further helped by the continued growth of e-commerce boosted by the lockdown generated by COVID-19.Google will first launch this new feature in the United States (first on mobiles, then on computers). You can read more about this addition, and how you can list your products, by going to the Help section of Google Merchant Center.

TOP 5 tactics for forecasting trending topics

Producing content on a topic that no one, or very few people, has covered can seem like a difficult task. However, if you want to deploy an effective content marketing strategy, you will have to deal with emerging topics before your competitors even think about them.Having relied heavily on keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner for the purpose of producing optimized content, we have noticed that most of these tools are based on historical data. This is why they are very useful for telling you what has been trending before but not what is about to be.

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It quickly became apparent that in order to generate new ideas for articles on the next topics of interest, it will be necessary to use other tactics to identify them before they explode, even before the word tools. -keys do not reveal them.What are the advantages of talking about a topic before it emerges?First, it helps present your brand as a thought leader on the topic. Having your business recognized as an authority can lead to the sharing of your content (especially when the brand is one of the few producing content on this topic) and the natural acquisition of critical comments and backlinks . for your SEO .

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Readers will also potentially come back to you and trust your opinion when speaking out on the topic.To get back to the benefits on your SEO , publishing content before an influx of interest could mean that Google indexes your site before your competitors who will cover the same subject but later. It could bring you more visibility and traffic . Because the topic is not yet saturated with results in the SERPs, Google users are more likely to click on your site. Below are 5 tactics that will help you spot trending topics before everyone else.News often has an impact on future content trends and is therefore ideal for spotting hot topics to come. If we take the example of the recent period, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in related topics such as mental health, teleworking and physical exercise at home.

With this information, it is possible to have a clear idea of ​​what people would like to read next to steer your strategy in the right direction.The first step in researching and finding topic ideas through social media is to join the platforms and follow the authoritative people and companies. As many topics are first broken down and discussed on networks, you need to be active in them. As the task can sometimes become time consuming.

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