50A, precursor of UX co-design Specialist of the UX , 50A was the first digital agency Tanzania Email List testing the Jamboard as part of a project to design a website .

On the occasion of the arrival of the Jamboard in France, we worked with Google to adapt our UX design tools and workshops to the Jamboard format. We have created interactive templates allowing team interaction on all the key stages to design the user experience of a digital service: ecosystem map , personae , storyboard, user journey , graphic moodboard, etc.

What Is Jamboard?

The Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard coupled with Google’s G Suite tools . The 55-inch 4K screen allows online collaboration on the same document whether on smartphone, tablet, computer on site or remotely via video conference.

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The Workshop

Our coworkers , Plissken Production, were the first to take advantage of our association with Google for the redesign of their website . In 2018, we organized a co-design workshop at Google premises with the Jamboard as support.

Our usual post-it notes, flipchart, markers and reflection boards were replaced by a “Jam” (work session), digital post-it notes, an interactive whiteboard, the possibility of voting and all this thanks to a tactile stylus. . Co-design, exchanges, mutual enrichment, fluidity were at the rendezvous.
“We realized that there were synergies in corporate culture but also in values ​​between Google and 50a. First of all because we like and want to work with talented people. ”

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