Social networks Singapore Phone Number List also be used in the manner of Google Trends, as some of them, like Twitter , have sections devoted to trends. Indeed, the network with the little blue bird is extremely useful because it allows to follow the subjects and know what people say in real time.The “Explore” section of Twitter will display the latest tweets and threads on a topic that you follow (Twitter displays a personalized topic based on the accounts you follow) that have aroused interest from tweeters.

Finally, thanks to Twitter’s Topic Selector tool , you can choose the topics you want to follow. For now, in France, the number of topics is quite small (compared to the USA) but new topics are added every day by Twitter.topic selector twitterResearching social media and capturing user conversations helps create relevant content sooner rather than lBringing together Google searches, news and YouTube , Google Trends gives you a 360-degree view of web trends, helping you find new article topics. It’s free to use and provides you with patterns of interest over time, geographic breakdowns, and related queries, which help you better understand research context and intent. Consider for example the subject “easy recipe”.

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Having noticed an increase in the number of people being forced to cook during the confinement period , one of our clients in the sector wanted to know the specifics of the content related to cooking recipes that are easy to make at home.While the Keyword Planner is updated monthly, Google Trends made it easy to identify what people were looking to cook.As a result, we knew that we needed to create content around homemade bread recipes or clafoutis, as this met the needs of people interested in easy-to-make cooking recipes.Besides searching for specific terms, the Google Trends home page also displays research on recent trends and their rise to global prominence.

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Quora provides you with the questions people want answered. Reddit also shows the topics people are talking about. They can be thought of as real-time audience response tools, with additional information such as query popularity, responses, and related questions. All of this should help produce new and meaningful content to satisfy users.To get the most out of these platforms, join communities and engage with users. It is an ideal place to research topics and understand the intentions of Internet users. For those of you who are more used to snooping around the web, 4chan is an extremely active community website known for hosting discussion threads of emerging topics before they explode into the public eye.

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This was particularly the case during the explosion of the cryptocurrency bubble, between February and December 2017. At that time, all cryptocurrencies whose value exploded a few months later were regularly mentioned by anonymous users of 4chan.The “ Discover ” section of the tool is really helpful in a lot of ways. Like Google Trends, this section offers trending topics, but based on the number of content published by trusted sites and authors and not the number of searches.The “Discover Topics” subsection goes further by creating a word cloud based on a topic of your choice from trusted content posted on the web.

In other words, the word cloud reflects the amount of content that is posted in your area of ​​interest.Cross-referencing discussion topics in Google Trends with your BuzzSumo content search makes it possible to clearly identify content creation opportunities . For example, Google Trends may reveal that homemade burger bread recipes are increasingly in demand, while BuzzSumo does not highlight this topic in its “Discover Topics”. Knowing that BuzzSumo puts forward the subjects according to the quantity of content produced, if the burger bread recipes do not emerge.

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