A rather interesting example, which reflects a constant need among Internet users to use Google (and, by extension, to access the Internet) from Benin Email Lists to Sunday. What varies once the weekend arrives is the terminal used to surf the web : during the week (whether at the office or at home) we will favor the computer while at the weekend, given our greater mobility, smartphones and tablets will be favored.

The increase or decrease in traffic is therefore above all dependent on user behavior . To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Google has decided to revive its youth by once again modifying its search algorithm, this time under the pretty name of Hummingbird (hummingbird in French). And, as always, the news created a buzz on the web. After the mini-psychosis caused by the release of Penguin 2.0 ( see our article on this ), many content marketing or SEO professionals have wondered what sauce they were going to be eaten this time around.

Towards semantic research

Panda had attacked over-optimized and low-quality sites. Penguin had declared war on artificial and unnatural bonds. Hummingbird has decided to revolutionize its search engine by favoring context over content . In other words, the new algorithm aims to make search results more human by focusing more on semantics and less on keywords , in order to more precisely answer Internet users’ questions when they are are asked in natural language.

Benin Email Lists

So, unlike its predecessors, Hummingbird has no intention of penalizing websites that do not adhere to good practices, but rather to react better to the requests of Internet users and offer them results more in line with what is required. ‘they research , going from a simple localization of keywords to a true semantic understanding of the words used to launch a query.

A smarter and more intuitive SERP

Until last year, when a user queried Google with a query, the search engine returned a basic results page, containing a list of relevant websites. Since then, the SERP has evolved to incorporate other elements such as a sidebar, related searches, or author tags. Hummingbird confirms this trend with an even more informative and intuitive SERP intended to provide the user with richer search results.

An even more powerful Knowledge Graph function
Integrated into search results since 2012, the knowledge graph allows a smarter and more intuitive presentation of query results, by integrating related searches, related people and pages, etc. With Hummingbird, this function is now even more advanced and offers more relevant and meaningful results thanks to the consideration of the semantic meaning of the request.

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