It has almost become a custom on the blog of our website Markentive: every month, we offer you a translation of Whiteboard Fridays , these video Belarus Email Lists published by MOZ discussing ideas, strategies and news in all areas of digital marketing, and more specifically of inbound marketing . After sharing an article with you on ” How to get quality backlinks through social media ” and ” Use video content in your content marketing strategy “, today’s topic is making the teeth of most professionals cringe. Web marketing : the growing percentage of “not provided” keywords in our Google Analytics account.

You may have noticed it yourself, following recent changes at Google, the number of these “not provided” keywords has skyrocketed in the “natural results” section of Google Analytics. According to the Not Provided Count site , around 81% of keywords are now “hidden”. It is therefore impossible to know how visitors land on our site by organic search. Rumors predict that it won’t be long before you see 100% of hidden keywordsand, given the Analytics report from our blog at Markentive, it seems that day has already arrived. You will see in the image below (taken from the last full week of our visits) that the vast majority (if not all) of our organic keywords are untraceable.

Google Analytics: why is this “not provided” data so important?

Because they allow you to find opportunities to improve the performance and SEO of a page . For example if you see that a page or a keyword receives a lot of traffic but that page is not very well referenced, you know that by working on the referencing of this page, you will get much more traffic. Or if you realize that a keyword brings a lot of traffic to one of your page but the bounce rate is high or the conversion rate is low, you can deduce that the content of your page targets your visitors poorly and you need to work on it to meet their expectations. In this regard, here are 3 tips for the judicious use of keywords in your SEO strategy .
Because they link your SEO efforts to the resulting traffic growth . It is an essential way for anyone employed in an SEO task to show their client or boss that the strategy employed is working (or not!) And to justify their choices.

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Because they help understand how your visitors perceive your business or brand . Indeed, by looking at the list of keywords used to access your website, you can deduce a lot of things. For example if you are a content marketing agency and your visitors land on your home searching for a design agency, there is definitely a problem with your business identity that you will need to resolve.

Google Analytics: improve the performance and SEO of a page?

The technique used here is unfortunately more complicated than if Google left all of our keywords visible, but it’s the only solution that works right now. In fact, it is now necessary to cross several sources of data to discover how to improve the performance and the SEO of a page .

First, rather than looking at the keywords (which is no longer possible), let’s look at the information relating to the pages that are receiving visits (this is still possible through your Analytics account). You know the content of your pages, so you can guess if this article receives a lot of organic visits thanks to the keywords it contains. Simple spirit of deduction. In addition, we may use other tools such as Google Webmaster Tools or AdWords which will provide us with even more clues. AdWords will tell us how much search volume a keyword attracts while the Webmaster Tool will give us a list of keywords that potentially send us traffic.

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