The Facebook pixel is a unique tool for each advertiser.  Which will allow us to measure all the visits, leads and conversions that occur on our website through it. We give Facebook permission by installing the pixel in the code of the site.  So that it can understand who the visitors are. What they are like, where they come from, what they do, etc. With this collected information you will be able to.  Measure the traffic that arrives to our site.  Managing to understand to which zones they arrive.  At what time they arrive.  From where they arrive and how they do it. Being able to segment.  Since we will know how they have interacted with us. We can divide them and specify who they are.

Create different types of audiences based on the previous segmentation already seen and create specific ads for them, for example, if the person reached the shopping cart, but did not finish, we have to understand why they did not UAE Phone Number generate a conversion and give them the information that you need to complete the purchase through remarketing, all possible thanks to the pixel. There are 3 types of audiences on Facebook: Personalized public: it is created based on specific actions such as people who visit your website in the last 30 days or through databases, etc.

Benefits It Offers for Your Company

Saved Audience: An audience that is created manually based on demographic data (age, gender, location, interests). Lookalike Audience: This type of audience is created by Facebook in relation to data previously provided by us. Here the platform analyzes the information that.  We have already given you from the personalized audiences.  And the saved audiences and creates a database of people.  Who are similar to these. READ MORE How to put together a successful marketing plan for summer 2022 All this will allow you to optimize your ads, knowing who they are, we can deliver a more specific and correct message for them, achieving better results.

UAE Phone Number

It is worth reminding you that you can create customizable conversions: not always what we want is a purchase, sometimes we need them to fill out a form or subscribe to the page’s newsletter, with the pixel we define what the conversion is. For all these reasons it is important to have the pixel correctly installed on your website, as it will help you understand your customer, deliver an accurate message and see in which stages of the purchase or conversion cycle, they are working better and which ones need adjustment. .When you work in the world of digital marketing or are an entrepreneur.

Take Advantage of It for Your Campaigns

it is important that you consider different digital tools in your work, all of which are very useful for developing your strategies and implementing successful social media plans on the Internet. One of the most recommended tools is Google Analytics, a platform through which we can obtain information reflected in statistics, regarding the navigation and actions that users perform on your website. It is a fairly complete application, therefore, there is no excuse for not knowing how your website works in depth and taking advantage of the different advantages that this platform offers. In this article, we invite you to learn why Google Analytics is so beneficial for your business.

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