By adopting the inbound marketing approach , you have committed to blogging for Indonesia Email List company. If you want to increase your website traffic and showcase an expert image in your field but don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to start and benefit from a business blog.

Think about a strategy for hosting your blog
You can consider different options for hosting your blog, such as a directory of your site, a subdomain, or choose a separate site These different ways of proceeding each have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on what you are looking to do. You want to optimize the density of the internal keywords of your website, provide fresh content and improve its referencing, opt for the directory, this is the most common case.

You want to strengthen the authority of your domain, opt for the subdomain, you can have a broader editorial line than in a directory. Finally, if you want to improve the links to your site and have a very broad editorial line, choose to publish your articles in another domain. The concern of the last option is that you will have to work on the keywords and content of your main site separately. Let’s focus on a few more general things.

Update Your Blog Regularly, Because Only A Maintained Blog Is Attractive

Very often, the blog is integrated by default into the websites of companies during their development. However, few companies use this feature, and if they do so at start-up, the rate of publication is slowly slowing down. Remember that a blog is a long-term investment, it will make you gain visibility and traffic but will also contribute to your image. Your google SEO will improve, and some visitors will have an additional reason to visit you a second time to see your new stuff.

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Take care of your editorial line
The blog is a unique opportunity to provide useful information for your customers / prospects at a lower cost and to highlight your expertise. If necessary, publish little, but publish effective! If you are running out of time to update your blog, choose a style adapted to internet uses (quick to read), take inspiration from your customers and prospects’ issues to answer them in your posts, bounce back on the news , find inspiration with RSS feeds, google alerts or other monitoring tools to monitor your industry. Consider involving as many collaborators as possible in this marketing / sales / management / production processand / or have an external service provider accompany you to find the right content. Subcontractors have the advantage of having the necessary perspective to address your customers in a neutral and constructive manner.

Engage In Conversation With Users Replying To Your Posts

A neglected blog is noticeable by a lack of posts but also by poor interaction. It’s a great way to personalize the relationship with your customers and proves that you are listening to them. When responding to them, always be courteous, thank people for responding to your posts, and participate in their thoughts. Very often the comments will be constructive and real complaints are rare. You will have the attitude to moderate these comments anyway.

Distribute your posts, to ensure maximum visibility for your blog
Remember to relay each post via social networks , they will allow you to boost your traffic. Respond to any forums and blogs that have dealt with subjects similar to yours in order to offer your point of view and share links to your articles on this occasion. Also make life easier for your visitors who want to share your articles by including sharing bulletins to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + … For the Markentive blog, one in two visits comes from visitors who have learned about our articles via social networks. Take this opportunity!


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