This is due to the fact that new technologies have helped thousands of people to be connected from their cell phones, tablets or computers. For this reason, several social networks have configured and are constantly updating their versions for mobile devices or PCs. Personalization Social networks allow you to create a profile and configure it according to the user’s preferences. That is, the person can adapt their feed to their tastes and personality. Likewise, they give the possibility of having direct interaction with other people who have the same interests.

massiveness A feature that stands out from social networks is that it is possible to reach all audiences. The platforms are differentiated by being massive with thousands of users around the world. Therefore, the contents made are Ukraine Phone Number easier to be seen. As a consequence, brands implement marketing strategies on them. Virtual communities Social networks have become virtual communities that help diversify user information. In them, communication is a fundamental piece to form groups with similar tastes. In the same way, it gives the possibility of sharing preferences and opinions on various topics.

Disadvantages on a Personal Level

immediacy One of the most outstanding characteristics of social networks is immediacy. Since through these platforms news or information can in real time. This point is fundamental for brands because when the user gets an answer at the moment it can give a good image of the brand. Virality Social networks facilitate the viralization of content. They are by making the publications have greater interaction by users, increasing their spread to become viral publications. This is how a publication becomes relevant and can become news.

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Advantages and disadvantages of social networks Social networks allow millions of people to communicate and maintain professional, friendly and personal relationships. It also allows the creation of online groups or communities. For this reason, it is important that brands have a presence in social networks since they are excellent business channels. Social networks are virtual media by teenagers, students, brands, politicians and other public figures.

Social Networks and Brands

In addition, they are to with a friend, meet certain objectives. Persuade someone, among others. Therefore, these platforms have advantages and disadvantages that into account. Advantages Advantages on a personal level Maintain communication with family. Friends or someone who is at a long distance. Interact with people from different cities and countries. Find familiar people. Set up debate or discussion forums for learning purposes. Be and have information in real time. Find job or professional opportunities. Being a means of entertainment and communication. Share knowledge and information with friends or acquaintances.

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