A festival accessible to all combining digital and sustainable innovation that sounds like you? Find the Futur.es digital and sustainable Sri Lanka Email Database festival on June 12 and 14 at the Galerie des Gobelins! The festival announces: “80 innovative demos rigorously selected for their emerging, sustainable character and their technological excellence. »A golden opportunity to discover French and international innovation players!

For its tenth edition, Futur.es wants to shake things up through several current societal issues. Sustainable development, inclusiveness and diversity in the world of tech! Faced with the change of paradigm giving rise to the phenomenon of digital transition , one can wonder if the digital sector is part of a real approach of inclusiveness? Indeed for some time not a week without hearing or reading articles about the fears evoked towards artificial intelligences, the dangers of fake news, more recently the deep fakes, the theft of data, not to mention the subject related to digital pollution. …

The tech world, often renowned for not being an inclusive and egalitarian one, often only concerns niches of insiders. To overcome its problems, the Futur.es festival is the largest free digital festival in Île-de-France which affirms its intention to reach out to all, in order to “give citizens control over their futures” .

Combine Digital And Sustainable Development

At a time when climate concerns are becoming vital, technology must lead by example in order to meet the challenges linked to the ecological transition.

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You will be able to meet players in digital sustainable development such as: Dataveyes, Oniriq, Le Cnes and many others. The festival will also be an opportunity to attend demos and try out the solutions presented.

The round tables will bring together experts and experts to jointly imagine a greener future: Is the sustainable city a sensitive city? , New oil data for sustainable cities?

The Event Is Completely Free, But To Participate Registration Is Required!

On the exhibitor side, you will be able to discover the immersive educational experience in VR “The Hunt”, a series of immersive experiences to raise awareness and educate people about ordinary sexism as well as harassment. Still with a view to inclusion, the festival intends to highlight innovations for individuals with disabilities, and also wishes to present Health Tech initiatives.

Visitors will be able to discover N-Vibe, “ the first vibrating GPS for the blind and visually impaired. This application is associated with two vibrating bracelets. It allows its user to intuitively guide himself in outdoor spaces . ” VR challenges ” capitalizing on virtual reality to effectively support people with quadriplegia “, or the Camin D’Irina project team working on” the design of Neuroprostheses in contexts of sensorimotor impairments, in particular for assistance in the movement of paralyzed limbs . ”

The diversity of the festival is also part of the green tech initiative on the African continent. With in particular a discussion around the future of the sustainable city in Africa. With the participation of Cheick Cissé, known for his work as an urban planner within the Société Française des Urbanistes (SFU).

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