Massive According to data from Facebook, the application has more than 2,740 million users around the world. This makes it the favorite social network of people who prefer it for the advantages and options it offers. immediate This social network allows its users to have the news in real time . This is how, on many occasions, people find out about events or crucial events through Facebook. Free This social network has no cost for users, since they can access it all day. But if a brand wants to take advantage of Facebook to promote their product or service ads, they can invest to improve the quality of their ad campaigns. transmedia platform Facebook allows you to post different content formats. For example, images, gifs, videos, texts, links.

live broadcasts can be used to capture the attention of users. measurable For brands, Facebook has become a favorite social network. The reason is that it allows to know precise statistics about the success of the advertising campaigns, and to know if it reached the target audience. Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Since Jordan Phone Number its inception, Facebook has been innovating its social network to improve the experience of users and brands that are present in this social network. It has become a communication tool for millions of people who are meters away, and it is even an immediate means of communication, which allows us to be at the forefront of trends and news that occur in the world. But you need to know the main.

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advantages and disadvantages of Facebook as a global social network. So you can learn how to handle it, take advantage of it, and avoid dangers. Advantages of Facebook This social network brings a series of not insignificant advantages for both its personal users and for brands. advantages of facebook Advantages on a personal level Stay connected with friends, family and acquaintances. Be a means of exchanging information between your contacts. Find people with whom you had no relationship for a long time. To be a means of entertainment through its applications and online games. Create relationships with people who have personal or professional interests. Be a free network.

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Have a wide range of post formats. That is, you can post photos, videos, images, texts, links or even make live broadcasts. Advantages at the brand level Be closer and connected with the target audience. Know better the segment or target audience of the brand. Improve the image or reputation of the brand. Increase sales and meet brand goals. Create the loyalty of followers and customers through publications and brand activities. Generate more traffic to the website. Have more possibilities to find new markets. Facilitate communication between client and brand. Facilitate the analysis of the competition. Solve the doubts or problems of your clients. Invest in advertising and advertisements. Disadvantages of Facebook Despite its great benefits.

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we can also find some disadvantages in the use of this application. Disadvantages on a personal level Accept people with false profiles for criminal or malicious purposes. Reveal your personal information, which causes privacy issues. In teens, it can become addicted to online games and apps. Impersonation to damage the image of a person or commit a criminal act. Victims of cyberbullying. Being tagged in a photograph you don’t like. Being the victim of a hacker who steals your profile or suspends it. Other people can use your images without your permission. Disadvantages at the brand level Having brand image problems due to some mistake made. Being exposed to negative reviews. It may interest you 4 Reasons to Verify a Facebook Page What is engagement on Facebook?

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