They had promise last year not to pinkwash – by only Switzerland Phone Number joining. A Pride Parade or LGBT day – but to pay continuous attention to rainbow diversity with Pride All Year . Pure brand charge, showing the product casually for a few seconds. For All Switzerland Phone Number Saints’ Day (November 2) we see a Pixar-esque movie about a family in the cemetery, where Uncle Albert has his post-mortem coming out. The materfamilias receives this with joy, after which the whole family is happy.

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The video was view on their own channel even Switzerland Phone Number more than last year’s (18 million times in 2 weeks, compared to 14 million last year). But the reception was more negative. People blame PepsiCo for usurping an LGBT-theme major Mexican religious holiday. On the Doritos channel the ratio was still positive 45K:17K, but with me there were 4x as many Switzerland Phone Number dislikes as likes. This is mainly because I add English subtitles, which especially attracte American trolls who – with 20K views and almost 700 comments – sometimes want to interfere with what is happening south of the border .

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Woketober: Bite Size Halloween It was much worse Switzerland Phone Number with The New Nanny . You can tell from the size that it was an IG product. The video is part of the Hulu Bite Size Halloween collection of 18 short films create by young queer Switzerland Phone Number filmmakers. Twix, Skittles and Snickers sponsor some of the ads, but they weren’t their commercials strictly speaking. With this one, all the MAGA peeps were blown away : the ‘transgender agenda’ was push down their throats!

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