Are you a brand for the masses? Or do you stand for Spain Phone Number exclusivity? Are you cheap or high quality? By partnering with a brand with similar values, you can strengthen your own brand. If you work for a sustainable Dutch clothing brand that primarily focuses on city dwellers aged 25-40, you should seek out a partnership with a sustainable Dutch bicycle brand that Spain Phone Number focuses on the same target group. Because you are both sustainable and Dutch, you strengthen these elements of your brand DNA. The better you know your target audience, the easier it is to find a suitable joint promotion partner.

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Do you find it difficult to find a match? The brand Spain Phone Number probably advertises in exactly the same magazines and online platforms as you and you will find many similarities in brand photography. Also read: Managing by brand preference: this is how the Spain Phone Number customer chooses you 4. Extra income Is your website generating a disproportionately high reach for the partner? Then you can ask for an advertising fee! Make a presentation of your brand, your target group, number of visitors and the success (turnover, growth, satisfaction) of your website. Show your potential partner how to piggyback on this success.

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For example, by placing a clickable banner in the top Spain Phone Number right corner of your website for two weeks, which will give it extra exposure and traffic. If you want to maximize ad revenue from your website, you can also sign up to the Google AdSense network. If Google Spain Phone Number approves your website, third-party ads will be shown on it and you will receive a fee. The disadvantage of Google AdSense is that you have limited influence on which advertisements are shown. And you miss out on other mentioned benefits of joint promotions, such as greater reach through a partner.

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