A while ago now, we discussed together the elements to consider in order to benefit from a successful business blog . Today we are approaching this Fiji Email List from a new perspective because even if you have succeeded in integrating Inbound Marketing into the practices of your company and that you have committed to keeping a blog for your company, all is not won. .

You can see yourself there again, after subscribing to the Hubspot blog and being convinced by Inbound Marketing you organized a meeting with your management to have your business use these practices and you were a hit. With your muscular arms, you launched into the creation of content and blog articles, with your head full of ideas. Your dozens of ideas will have helped you maintain your editorial line for at least … 2 months!

Create the value proposition.

For the majority of physicians, the interest of blogging and relaying published articles comes from the visibility and the public presence caused. Many doctors are concerned about their reputation on the internet, so we must offer them the possibility of creating their own reputation. In the company, you can therefore present the fact of writing an article as an opportunity to stand out and not as a constraint or an overload of work.

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Reproduce at least the content of the original source (beware of duplicate content !). Cite the original source and provide the link to the article. Suggest a reflection on the author’s writing and not just repeat. Have overall consistency in the proposed curation.
Finally, don’t forget to contribute to the creation of original content !

Remove weight from their shoulders.

It is necessary to convince the potential blogger doctor that you are going to help them and that posting through your site to improve their online reputation will be easier than doing it through a dedicated site. The prospect of having to upload and manage a WordPress blog will delight few doctors with a busy schedule. In the company, if the platform is existing, remember to chew up the work of your employees to remove as many negative aspects as possible from the writing: do not do complicated login / mdp, better still, do the physical integration yourself!

Facilitate writing.

Doctors are neither journalists nor writers. Writing and creating is not part of their training, do not hesitate to offer them your help in choosing topics, writing, or carrying out an interview. In the company, the situation is very similar, take advantage of the expertise of your colleagues on a given subject, take the framework of their articles to improve the style and the writing … A beginning of reflection will help you to move forward more faster than starting from scratch!

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