As a consequence, other social networks such as MySpace began to be created in 2003. The first official social networks Friendster was the first social network considered as such and due to its popularity others were born that managed to catch a greater number of users. Starting in 2003, the main social networks that every adult remembers began to appear. Some of them are still valid and others left a great lesson to apply to digital businesses that want to be successful. MSN Messenger: Instant messaging service created by the Microsoft company in 1999. It was quickly successful among more than 330 million users in the world because you could chat online with friends and family.

Also, it was more accessible to many who would be thousands of miles away. MSN Messenger began to dabble in emoticons, games, buzzing and Morocco Phone Number tools considered attractive by users. Because it was a successful platform, there is a doubt that it disappeared in 2005 and replaced Windows Live Messenger, currently known as Skype. Hi5: It was launched in 2003 and managed to have more than 70 million registered users. It was the social network that dominated in Latin America , because it was the most dynamic and allowed users to customize their profiles.

Create or Generate New Connections

On the other hand, Hi5 had brand freedom. That is, the profiles of many users and it which people had reviewed their profile. However, all the freedom it against it with the appearance of Facebook and its security standards for the privacy of its users. This was one of the factors that caused the failure of Hi 5 in 2007. For what are the social network good for? Social networks by millions of people thanks to the interaction. And exchange of information between groups of users who have similar interests. These were in the early 2000s, in order to fulfill some basic communication functions.

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Over the years they have been increasing interaction tools. Some of the functions given by social networks are of vital importance for accounts with many followers or for brands. Because thousands of people in the world emphasize that social networks are useful, we will indicate what their main functions are. Create or generate new connections Social networks are a source of finding friends or people who have certain interests or hobbies in common. In addition, they allow interaction between millions of people from all over the world. This is the most common way to expand your circle of friends. As friends of friends are often among these platforms. maintain personal contacts Social networks allow you to form communities of friends.

Maintain Professional Contacts

Therefore, you can find people you met at school, university, work, family and from other groups. This function is one of the basics in any social network because. It allows you to maintain communication with the person you want despite the distance. Maintain professional contacts Just as social networks allow you to find friends or acquaintances. It also helps you find new contacts in order to create interpersonal relationships. This function is a way to create new business or employment opportunities. Once the link, it allows you to keep it. Social networks become the new information platforms par excellence. This is because the news or information is immediately and in real-time . Thanks to them, the information is constant and makes.

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