Twitter has gained popularity for creating its tweets with only 140 characters. It is considered as a microblogging service and as a social network that has conquered its 328 million active users, and who can create and read tweets from followers. Some users can access Twitter through SMS, web page or from the application for mobile devices. Now, this social network has ventured into the world of advertising to promote helping companies. For this reason, we will tell you how it was born and what its trajectory has been that leads it to success. First, what is Twitter? The social network Twitter was created in March 2006 , but was launched in July of the same year.

This microblogging was born thanks to Jack Dorsey , Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams , these last two had been Google collaborators. The idea originated within the Odeo company located in San Francisco, where an online radio service (postcasting) was being carried out, which was not successful due to the launch of a similar iTunes product. At first, this microblogging was used by employees of the Odeo company. The creators Macedonia Phone Number were Evan Williams and Biz Stone, who had the collaboration of Jack Dorsey, Evan Henshaw.Path and Noah Glass. The latter was fired from the company, but he assures that Twitter was born on his own computer.

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Instead, Henshaw Path sold part of it for $7,000, and bought himself a Volkswagen to drive around the country. Placing the name for this creation was not easy, because at the beginning it was called Status , alluding to Flickr. Then, Twitter was called, which was adjusted to the ‘ peep of a bird ‘ which is English is tweet , but finally the creators decided to give it that name, since the second option sounded very uncertain and empty due to the lack of vowels in the word. The creators of microblogging point out that they called it “Twitter” because it means “ a short burst of inconsequential information ”. appearance of Twitter This social network makes its first appearance on July 15, 2006.

And the first tweet was made by Jack Dorsey at 12:50 pm, which said. Just setting my twtrr” (adjusting my twtrr). That precise moment, one of the most powerful networks in the world began.  And that later, would become the favorite of thousands of users for its 140 characters. By October 2006, Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Jack Dorsey Obvious Corporation. And acquired Odeo’s shares, as the original creators lost interest in their project. By 2007, Twitter had begun to gain popularity rapidly.  Winning the South by Southwest Web Award in the blog category that same year. As of April 2007, Twitter is no longer owned by Obvious Corporation.  And is formed as an independent company.

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In 2008 , the company began to give its first beginnings as an independent company.  And Jack Dorsey assumes the presidency of the company. For that year, the company was made up of only 18 people.  But by 2009 , Twitter had multiplied the number of workers.  And thus a global organization began to be born. The company decides to add significant value to the company. Therefore, it decides to create an advertising service. But it did not charge any budget until the number of users increased.  It was only financed by the investments of venture capital companies. At the end of 2009, Twitter already had versions in Spanish, French, Italian and German. With Spanish being the first to be completed. News from the social network Twitter In 2010.

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