First most obvious case, a start-up or a Pitcairn Email List -up whose promise of value rests on an application, a software or a service in SaaS: it is necessary to ensure the robustness of the solution, the relevance of its roadmap, the technical mastery of the teams who ensure its development and operation … It is possible and even normal that everything is not perfect, but investing without having a clear idea of ​​the maturity of the technological asset would amount to buying a racing car without having a clue of what’s under the hood. At the risk of ending up without an engine … Do better, do more quickly, do less: what productivity gains?

In industrial businesses, IT is not the heart of value but must best serve business needs. In the best case, it allows productivity gains and always more flexibility to adapt production to customer needs. But it can also be a significant brake: unreliable data, repeated failures, multiple entries in different IS that do not communicate with each other … The level of coverage of the different business needs, but also the integration of systems between them makes it possible to estimate IT maturity, as well as productivity gains which can be substantial. It’s very pretty, but if we dance…? It’s working well today, but what will happen in

The Business Model Is Built Around An It Asset

the event of external growth? The acquisition and integration of a new structure will be an opportunity to test the reliability and flexibility of IT, which must be able to integrate new businesses and implement synergies: alignment of repositories, intra-orders. groups, financial consolidation… So many subjects that can quickly become a puzzle with an IT that is too “personalized” or already made up of multiple aggregates, including “office patches”: Excel still has a bright future in shadow-IT, but how to forward when the playing perimeter suddenly changes … Do existing solutions make it possible to “go to scale”? The first IT solutions of a


company meet its current needs, and often evolve with varying degrees of success to keep up with the growth of the activity. All technologies and tools do not necessarily allow “to scale” and serve an activity and operations that have been multiplied by 10 or even 100 since inception. Faced with this technological glass ceiling, it may be necessary to migrate or redevelop on infrastructures that can cope. This has a significant cost to anticipate for the buyer. What is the value of “technological debt”? Time has passed, the activity has evolved, as have the tools and customer requirements which always require more visibility and

Do Better, Do More Quickly, Do Less: What Productivity

responsiveness. If the IT has not followed, for lack of prioritization or budget, it can be based on obsolete assets which no longer meet the need or worse, which are no longer maintained and maintainable by their publisher. Worse still, an internal development which relies on some or even an expertise which had the bad idea to go elsewhere to see if the grass was greener. No more choice, you have to migrate all or part of the IT, change the processes that go with it, all sometimes urgently in the face of (planned?) Obsolescence of the existing. It is better for the investor to have anticipated these changes and the budgets that go with them.Learning Management System, extranet site (article HERE), use of AI to detect and anticipate trends

These digital processes are generally much better suited and adaptable in the event of a crisis, and particularly essential for teleworking. Some of our projects are therefore being accelerated on the client side, in order to be able to benefit from them during the weeks to come. In certain cases, it is not too late to initiate and achieve quickly, within a few days to a few weeks, a digitalization allowing the continuation or the resumption of activity: collaborative tools, extranet site, digitization of documents… SaaS tools and the service platforms, activated and personalized remotely, make this miracle possible from home. This period

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