We are sharing with you today an article published in the GPO magazine which covers the basics of inbound marketing. “Inbound Marketing or inbound marketing is a modern approach to digital marketing Djibouti Email List by the IT solutions publisher Hubspot, which has made it its specialty since 2006. To be compared with the concept of permissive marketing introduced by Seth Godin, Iinbound Marketing still remains discreet in France, the agencies offering it are still few. What exactly. does this technique consist of? How does this form of communication stand out from the others?
What are the prospects for companies? ”

If you’ve missed the bandwagon, this is a great opportunity to learn more about inbound marketing! Find more here: Article on Inbound Marketing in GPO Magazine Define the framework of the Teleconsulting exercise The CNOM defines teleconsulting as “a medical practice comparable to the provision […] of know-how and personalized information at the request of an Internet user”. The CNOM asks the public authorities to regulate it and this independently of telemedicine. It is therefore a question of recognizing the act of advice by telephone or by e-mail for a patient usually followed . As part of the follow-up of a known patient, the CNOM requests that advice sent by telephone or e-mail be recognized as a medical act and that a secure framework be put in place.

The creation of content to inform its targets

Adjustments are therefore still to come and the rise of telemedicine or second-generation DMP should make it possible to move in this direction … If your company is considering the possibilities of digital support in the communication addressed to doctors , do not hesitate to consult our presentations and white papers on digital health marketing.

Djibouti Email List

Publishing a blog article leaves room for a certain amount of freedom and we can afford to address themes at the limit of the scope of the company. In this sense, it leaves room for creativity, imagination and only commits the company to a certain extent. Doesn’t that interest anyone? Too bad, the idea will have been tested and it will have cost a few hours of an editor’s time without jeopardizing the image of the company. The validation circuits are also much shorter and creativity can find a place in company communication.

An optimized commercial approach

Approaching clients when you still know little about your client environment is an activity that leads to despair. Low conversion rates, crazy energy wasted in cold calls, conferences and emails … With Inbound Marketing, we deal with more qualified prospects, and we thus operate with maximum efficiency ! The time spent creating content, bringing value, discussion will be much more profitable for your business than the time spent commercially failing on unqualified prospects.

Passionate about inbound marketing ,I will tell you soon that it washes whiter than white, that it makes children grow taller and that it allows you to lose weight, but I am still refining my argument on these themes. I can now say with some supporting elements is that the inbound marketing contributes to the efficiency of a business and can enter a Lean logical if you think about it twice. Interested in inbound marketing? Read our many articles devoted to this strategy, such as The power of an Inbound Marketing agency at the heart of digital transformation , or how can Inbound marketing help you find the job of your dreams?

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