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Following up on a previous article in our Blog and to support the development of innovative marketing practices such as Inbound Marketing , our communication agency invites you to consult this article in the Journal des Echos: Inbound Marketing is the subject of much ink, because this method fits particularly well with the trends, the customers being better and better equipped to find the information which they seek and being tired of ubiquitous advertising. Let’s take a look at the consequences of this shift in terms of business strategy and organization.

Schools And Training Centers: How To Use Inbound Marketing?

Good commentary is relevant , thoughtful, and well- constructed , and adds real value to the article or discussion. If you are in this case, you can afford to comment as many articles as you want and you will reap real benefits from doing so: you will create many relationships with other bloggers, you will be considered as a reference and take care of your referencing little by little.

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Bad comment is sloppy , irrelevant, and only serves to self-promote and paste a link to your own website with an optimized anchor . If this sounds like you, you might be worried because, in the eyes of Google, you are considered a vulgar spammer. The Spamco (this is the name given to this kind of techniques) is indeed considered as a Black Hat SEO practice condemned by the search engine. Although it is still quite difficult for Google to differentiate the good comment from Spamco, it remains nonetheless a risky practice that it is better not to attempt or risk seeing its site severely penalized.

Facebook, Champion Du Social Engagement

In terms of social media, one of the most important indicators is that of engagement, i.e. the number of active users on a given network. And in this little game, it is Facebook that wins hands down: 62% of people who have an account are considered active , against only 49% on Twitter and 42% on Google + . However, another recent statistic shows that the level of total engagement is down compared to last year. The sign that our level of tolerance to the ever-increasing number of new social media platforms has reached saturation point?

Facebook has become for many a veritable digital photo album. Whoever has never uploaded their latest vacation photos there, throw the first stone at me! And it must also be said that the increasing use of smartphones and tablets only accentuates the trend.

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