With my partner we carried out a Montserrat Email List stay in Cambodia a few years ago; our only means of transport there was the motorcycle taxi, very democratized and easy to access. However, the conditions were very rarely framed and secured. The idea stuck in our heads when we returned to Paris: there is no shared and easily accessible motorcycle taxi service in Paris. Yet the city lends itself to it: congestion of the transport network, road traffic, small urban area, a lot of business trips … no less than 150 hours lost in transport by the Ile-de-France motorist on average in 2018!

heures-perdues-dans-les-bouchons-parisiens-en-2018-04-06-2019-8085714.php). What struck us when we launched our project in 2016 is the delay in this sector: more than 8 years after the arrival of Uber in France, there was very little similar platform for the motorcycle taxi. And the offer was particularly opaque and the reservation channels still archaic. With Felix, we brought transparency, ease of use and a 100% digital experience for our users by bringing together the community of drivers on a single platform In a few words, what is Felix? Félix offers an electric scooter service with drivers. Our ambition is to enable people to move

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around town more quickly, in conditions of quality of service and at a lower cost. Historically, the motorcycle taxi targets a very high-end, professional audience and in particular on journeys between airports and Paris. For example, a Paris – CdG race costs around € 90. And that is understandable, the drivers have a relatively high operational cost: around 40,000 euros of motorbike, and each year an insurance around 8,000 euros and 1,000 euros of gasoline. Our idea is therefore to break this market and offer affordable prices to open this market to as many people as possible. Our idea: to digitize the motorcycle taxi service, which is


generally archaic at this level; until now the drivers were organized in small pools and exchanged with each other via WhatsApp to find out what trips to take. We have therefore aggregated this community and made a single platform available to drivers and customers. In 3 years, Felix has become a key player in urban transport in Paris Concretely how did you do it? We inquired about the legal texts governing the activity of motorcycle taxis. It is stipulated that motorcycles must be used with sufficient power to ensure the safety and comfort of the user. This greatly reduces the field of possibilities, hardly a few very expensive motorcycle

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models meet these requirements on the current market! Except that this only concerns thermal vehicles: no law applies to electric vehicles. We have therefore developed our offer on a motorcycle that is comfortable and reassuring for the customer, but at a moderate cost for the driver. A year and a half ago we were approached by Citybird, the leader in motorcycle taxis in Ile de France. Their founder Cyril Zimmermann is a tech entrepreneur, with Félix we had the network of drivers and a sponsorship from an investor specializing in new mobility. We started by setting up a partnership by connecting our APIs and testing the

complementarity of our offers for several months. The test was conclusive, and we decided to bring our two structures together after 6 months of testing. Our two brands coexisted for several months to accustom our respective customers; they merged this summer. We also pooled our resources and skills, in particular on operations and the dispatch of drivers at Citybird was more mature than us. How did the driver community experience Felix’s arrival? The “uberization” aspect of their job scared some drivers at the start. Our association with Citybird has given us credibility. Then, to be a motorcycle taxi driver you need a

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