Feedback on the Saloon Sweden WhatsApp Number List We certainly live in an uncertain world: we knew the ecological crisis, then came the health crisis, to which was added an economic crisis, all in a context of digital revolution. If there’s one buzzword today, it’s resilient business. All decision-makers dream that their company is able to adapt to the new emerging world. The show aimed to give some keys, from different angles: management, organization, finance, IT, customer relations. Saloon poster We had the chance to open the show with a first interview webinar with Luc Bretones. Co-author of the book “the new generation company”

president of the G9 + Institute, organizer of “The NextGen Enterprise Summit”, Luc Bretones gave us his vision of the evolution of corporate management. For him, companies that will remain on old-fashioned, pyramidal and technocratic management methods will not survive very long. The best talents today aspire to other approaches: they want meaning, they want to feel included in the company’s project, they want autonomy. And after having interviewed more than 200 companies for the writing of his book, he concludes that companies which decentralize decisions and adopt agile structures (or with all variants of new management methods such as holacracy, sociocracy, liberated companies, In line with this inspiring

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openness, I hosted the 2nd webinar signed ISLEAN on this first day, by taking up the 12 good practices that had been the subject of an article in this blog some time ago. I recalled that everyone needs to be aligned with the company’s objectives and with customer challenges, processes that are streamlined by applying the principles of operational excellence, and competent, versatile, autonomous teams. Finally, the next day, Louis-Alexandre Louvet presented with Vivien Pertusot, from BPI France Lelab, the practical kit for the transformation of SMEs in the digital age . Last year, we contributed to the work of BPI France Le Lab on this subject. It is a real path of transformation that is offered to managers of SMEs around 4 axes:


customer relations, service offers, the business ecosystem, and organization. Beyond us, we can cite all the transformation practitioners who offered conferences on these 2 days: Altman Partners, Académie du Service, Wild is the game, Vianeo, User Studio, Compagnum, LIC, My Sesame, and many other guests.readers of this blog, I am curious to know how many of you had idea that such applications were possible, at quite affordable costs: CAPEX of less than 100 k €, OPEX of a few tens of k € / year, or even a few k € / year. If you have 2 minutes, I invite you to give me the information on the questionnaire at the end of the article. To our astonishment, very few of our clients, despite being business leaders, directors

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managers, knew this. We ourselves are discovering new possibilities every day, at very low prices. Is digital progress breaking up society: yes! If you were expecting suspense, it wouldn’t have lasted long. All the people and companies who know how to take advantage of digital technologies will do better and much faster what others do, even will do things that nobody did because everyone thought and still thinks that it was impossible to do with it. the means available. That’s excellent news ! The annuitants of situation, who took advantage of the effort made by their predecessors without adding new value, will be swept away by

new homo creator comers , who will make our life easier, and free us up time to return it to our discretion. We must therefore continue to push for progress, no moratorium, no ban. We don’t stop cooking our food because fire can burn. There is always a downside: it’s bad news for those who are not trained, or who are afraid of novelty, or who do not know how to grasp it, or who aspire to stable and unchanging things. . It can be a lot of people. What are the consequences of this? Totalitarianism? On the occasion of a dinner of the X-Mines authors association, I rediscovered Arthur Koestler and his book “Zero and infinity”, “Darkness at noon” in English. This book tells about the period of the Stalinist purges, during which the second generation

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