A complicated context but Macedonia WhatsApp Number List to the resumption of activity Restaurant owners have been able to reopen their doors since June 2, 2020. Fantastic! The confinement weighed heavily on their cash flow: despite government aid, such as the Solidarity Fund, they had to bear heavy fixed costs during the confinement period. At the same time, the strict reopening conditions, such as limiting the number of customers in the dining room, penalized a profession that was already well affected a little more. Never mind, restaurateurs, more eager and motivated than ever to see their customers’ smiles and provide a few bites of pleasure, have mobilized and relaunched their activity by relying on the aid distributed by the State

In addition to the aid offered by the government, local initiatives have emerged, as has been the case with the Hauts-de-Seine CCI, which wished to provide support to VSEs and SMEs in the department by granting them round of helpers. The Couac? Due to the myriad of government announcements made since the start of deconfinement, many local opportunities to support business activity have gone unnoticed or ignored. The sometimes surprising complexity of the formalities to be completed to obtain them, has often led the beneficiaries to situations of non-recourse to the aid to which they are eligible. According to L’ODENORE ,

Actions Launched At Islean

this phenomenon of non-recourse can be explained by 5 reasons: Actions launched at ISLEAN In order to support restaurateurs in resuming their activity, we have initiated our approach with professionals from the Hauts-de-Seine department. The aids and subsidies to which the latter could claim were identified, as well as their conditions of access and obtaining. These aids come in 2 forms: Direct financial assistance to make up for the loss of income and cash flow over the period from March to June 2020, Reimbursement of 50% of investments made in connection with the health situation such as protective equipment (for customers and employees), as well as digital equipment or tools


such as the implementation of a delivery and click and collect. To ensure that an optimal number of professionals were informed of accessible aids, a mailing campaign was launched to inform them of the rights and subsidies available, and offered personalized support for carrying out administrative procedures and the digitalization of their tools and processes, such as the digitization of the process from ordering to payment. A response could be sent immediately by the interested parties through a form integrated into the email allowing restaurateurs to select upstream the subsidies and areas of transformation to which they

What Has Been Accomplished With Restaurateurs

claimed. What has been accomplished with restaurateurs We drew up with one of our restaurant client the list of subsidies to which he could claim. The latter selected those he wished to ask: we carried out on his behalf all the procedures necessary to obtain them. The file was finalized and sent to the departmental service at the end of July. The file was officially accepted a month later, by letter signed by the President of the Hauts-de-Seine CCI and the President of the Hauts-de-Seine Department. This letter certified that “the requested subsidies would be sent by single transfer to the company’s account within a fortnight”.

Balance sheet? We are now in November 2020, the government has “confined” the country, and our restaurateurs have still not received the subsidies promised by the department and the CCI. We undertook numerous discussions with them to understand why we still had not received these subsidies: they sometimes required an investment by restaurateurs as a pledge of goodsuccessful, they asked us to apply for the global startup acceleration program and we were able to get our place at Station F in January 2020. With the Covid crisis, the duration of the free hosting was extended from 6 to 12 months until December

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