Accused of promoting fake news , Marc Zuckerberg’s company is in the midst of a campaign to restore its image. After talks with the big US news media that could lead to promising deals to develop a new News tab , Facebook is focusing on its video-on-demand service, Facebook Watch . Your SMO agency gives you details of the American giant’s projects. Beneficial agreements for both camps The Silicon Valley company has just reached agreements with BFMTV, Le Monde and Brut; As part of this partnership, these three French media will have to create exclusive content for the Facebook streaming service. Regarding the agreement, Facebook had already announced in advance that 55% of the revenues generated by this service are paid to these partner news media. While the rest is obviously to slip into your wallet. In addition, an advertising spot slips into the middle of the video.

However, the news media should remain on their guard following the outcome of the Facebook Live episode ; the American giant had left a lot of media behind by suddenly stopping co-financing of content creation. Some editorial staff had then struggled to recover. A growing service Either way, this Watch portal comes at an ideal time for Facebook, as it has fewer fewer options to meet a huge demand for advertising , with advertising spaces (walls, news feeds, etc.) more and more difficult to deliver to its advertisers. Created a little over two years ago now, Watch brings together 140 million users who view at least one minute of content every day; this figure has almost doubled since December 2018. As mentioned earlier, this video on demand service offers a real alternative to the current advertising space, which is becoming saturated.

What to remember?

Facebook is developing its Watch portal by moving more towards news media and abandoning entertainment media. Making the most of the time that users spend online is one of Facebook’s priorities, along with data protection and the fight against fake news. These agreements with three major French media will help the American giant to India Phone Number move in this direction and to make money on advertising , in a different way than traditional advertisements. Your agency, specialist in social networks, remains at your disposal for any request. Its experts will be happy to help you develop your SMO strategy. Digital conducted a research on blogging SEO. With a third of the sites under their CMS system, WordPress takes advantage of its ease of use and its multiple features to “reign” over the sector.

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Video advertising is the fastest growing industry online, and Facebook is keen to ride it. What to remember? What to remember? Studies have proven it: social networks clearly have an impact on mental health (anxiety, depression, etc.). The appearance of this new feature concerning the display of the number of likes, could encourage people to post more frequently and casually, or otherwise, lose users who would go to other social networks. But as Jane Wong points out, an extension is available. Ben Grosser, a student when Facebook was created (in 2012), aimed to create a network without the numbers, for the same reasons that are discussed today. Suddenly, in the event of withdrawal by Marc Zuckerberg and his teams (which seems unlikely given the context), this extension is still available.

Beneficial agreements for both camps

For 14 years now, Rand has been conducting a survey, once every two years, on SEO. The goal is to survey SEOs in order to get their opinion on the criteria determining the position of SERP results. Here are the conclusions of this study, revealed by your SEO agency. The course of the study This year, there are 1,584 supposed SEO professionals, with varying degrees of experience, who played the game and responded to online survey, August 6-27. The latter had to give themselves a mark as to their level and experience in SEO. And to frame the experience, Rand selected the 26 elements that have the most impact on Google SEO. Expert notes Result of the note that the SEOs had to give.

First off, the SEO factors that most impact organic SERP results. The relevance of the content the quality of the linking of the site. The page the use of words / phrases related to the query And on the contrary. The criteria with the least impact on Google SEO. The keywords in the domain name use of external links use of Google AMP For most classified items. SEOs tend to have the same impressions. Nonetheless, there are a few factors that are at the heart of the differences. Such as: the keywords in the domain name use of Google AMP. The age of the site Then, to complete this first part of the study, Rand compared the full results. The impact on organic SEO to those of SEOs who consider themselves to be expert SEOs (129 out of 1,584).

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