Within this tool, there are different services that give brands a greater advantage. ads for facebook According to Facebook, in the total number of platform users it is possible to find a good percentage of target audience. For this reason, the Facebook Ads tool allows you to create ads in advertising campaigns to capture the attention of users. In addition, it is possible to consult the results of the advertising campaigns through metrics in this social network. facebook pages If a brand wants to be where its virtual customers are, it needs to create a Facebook page . By having a fan page on Facebook you can be in fluid and constant contact with customers and communicate about the brand, its products or services.

In this way you can improve the image of the brand before your public and get more followers. If you have doubts about how to take advantage of this tool, we give you some tips to manage a Facebook page for companies. Messenger Facebook Messenger is not only for personal use, but brands can also use it to connect with their customers. In this way, you can engage in personalized conversations with them, in order to provide information Kenya Phone Number about a product and service or solve a problem. instagram for business Instagram for Business is also enabled within the Facebook for Business service . Thus, brands on Instagram can interact with their customers through.

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their visual publications and know the effectiveness of their actions. For this reason, thousands of companies have already started using this service to show the personality of the brand, find customers and promote products and services among their target. Audience Network Using Audience Network will help drive brand results and display video ads across different apps and websites outside of Facebook. In addition, it can improve the results of direct response campaigns, and reach customers more easily. facebook blueprint Facebook blueprint allows you to master digital marketing on Facebook. You can access electronic self-study courses or webinars.

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These will help you meet your goals as a small, medium or large brand using Facebook and Instagram. You can even become a Facebook Certified Marketer. Workplace Workplace is an independent tool from Facebook.  But a professional platform that seeks to contact all the employees of a company.  Through the mobile device. You can create chat groups.  Do live broadcasts (Facebook Live. Among other communication options to improve the performance of your brand. Facebook IQ If you want to know what are.  The effective statistics about consumers and the advertisements.  That are created in this social network, Facebook IQ is a useful tool for it.

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The reason to use it is that you will be able to discover.  The trends and news that will help you create your ads and advertising campaigns. Marketplace Companies need to sell on efficient and easy-to-manage platforms. In this sense, Facebook created Marketplace , a tool that makes life easier for businesses. By using Marketplace, brands can sell their products or services and reach a good number of Facebook users. They just have to put together a catalog and put the prices and descriptions of what they are offering. Facebook Sections The sections of this social network are a group of actions.  And information that we can access through the platform. The Facebook sections currently available are. COVID-19: Information Center. This section is intended to provide timely information.  On the status of COVID-19 around the world.

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