Try typing “sum Tunisia WhatsApp Number List not all lines” into your search engine ( I did this for you ). As vague and generic as this research is, the first result that will come up will take you to one of the countless excel forums where you will find the answer to your question. All kidding aside, I literally NEVER defeated these forums: every question you ask yourself, someone will have asked it before you and someone else will have answered it. Intellectual humility is no longer an excuse; now, when your colleague (or yourself) tells you “I’ll let you do the excel, I’m getting drunk, I don’t understand a thing” understand instead : “I’ll let you do the excel, I’m

getting drunk”! My advice: if you don’t know how to do something in Excel, search the web, even if you don’t phrase your problem correctly, someone will have it wrongly phrased all the same, and someone else will have them gave the answer you expect. Yes but there you have to do a macro, that for once I do not understand anything! Certainly, and even if the previous paragraph is just as valid for Excel as for the VBA, I understand that one can legitimately feel “drunk” at the idea of ​​learning to do macros! Don’t panic, the truth about macros is that the less you do, the better off you are. I had to develop a manufacturing data

Use The Formulas, But Don’t Save Them

consolidation tool in Excel a few years ago. In the idea, I had an Excel workbook in which a macro was running, and this macro would retrieve data in other workbooks that were stored in the same folder. I therefore carried out this work to prevent the quality manager from preying on the several dozen metrology reports / week to consolidate them. Result: several discussion sessions to explain how the program works, and a few dozen back and forth trips to the workshop to resolve issues later: an update to the office suite brought all my work to the ground – the macro just didn’t work anymore. All this to say that an excel macro is


unmaintainable, especially because the macros developed in your area are not part of your company’s IS assets: they will systematically go under the radar. Morality: hell is paved with good intentions, wanting to do too well, we make it too complicated. When you can avoid macros, avoid them! My advice: avoid macros as much as possible, first think of a way to do without. You will certainly find a way to do it faster than with macros and your workbook will be more durable. Use the formulas, but don’t save them! Some time ago, I was passing behind the screen of a colleague bitching against his PC. It was evening and his luminous screen frozen on Excel added to the whiteness of his complexion, already pale with rage: he had been

Bonus: Sometimes Consider Using Google

building his table of 10,000 lines for a few hours now, using VLOOKUP, SOMME.SI and TCD when the memory of his machine finally admits defeat. At issue: too many formulas (and conditional formatting too, but let’s move on). Any Excel intensive user has already experienced this! But after all, is it really useful to keep these formulas that slow us down so much once the math is done? “Well, if I send it to a colleague, he must understand what I did!” “If I send the excel to my N +, it must be able to verify that I was not wrong!” It is not false ! Corn : in the first case: isn’t it more practical for your colleague to refer to the instructions at the

head of the column clearly explaining the calculation which is carried out there and filled in by you? After all, it will always be more readable than an online calculation formula, sometimes larger than the screen. in the second case, we have to admit that confidence reigns! But ultimately it does not matter: once we have succeeded in making a formula that works, in reality, we do not verify so much by looking at the formula as by observing the results (“-25,000 units of products sold this month, surprising! ”), and besides your N + will do the same! More generally: Excel is used to systematize calculation operations, rarely to give

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