So yes, we can Hong Kong Phone Number List advise you to build rich content for your audience, going into detail and allowing for an effective understanding. But… please… think about what will satisfy your visitors. I do not know if you have noticed but the great fashion of the moment, to position oneself on a request, is to write an article in which all the questions relating to the theme are dealt with and answered. So yes, for a guide that might make sense, but when it comes to positioning yourself on a tomato pie recipe and including in the text questions like

“How to choose your tomatoes?” “,” What season to buy tomatoes? “,” The story of the tomato pie “are ridiculing. Especially since it does not help the user to find what he is looking for!Obviously, other factors like the number and quality of backlinks received play an important role in the organic position of your content, but you will see below that respecting user intention remains central.If we put ourselves in the mind of the Internet user, it is clear that an answer exclusively in the form of text may not always meet his expectations. Indeed, depending on the nature of the request and the intention behind it, Google will highlight different forms of content, which may be a textual article, a video or even audio.

product via a transactional request to make a purchase

If we refer to “How to” questions relating to the cosmetics sector, the user expects to obtain a simple result in the form of a video that he can consult, while being busy reproducing the gestures shown on his face or body.This is the case for the question “how to apply a concealer? “. As you can see below, Google decides to give more visibility to videos than to classic results referring to text web pages. For a question like “how to get rid of flies? », Google will display in Position 0 a numbered bulleted list explaining the steps to get rid of it.


However, the web page only contains a text of just over 600 words. Proof that the value of the information and how you present it to the user will outweigh the total number of words.For those who love football and are used to listening to RMC, you will probably search Google for “after foot rmc” one day. Google understands that you want to listen to the latest sports radio shows. Therefore, the first results displayed are featured snippets allowing you to read podcasts.As part of an e-commerce SEO strategy , Google understands that an Internet user does not seek to consult information processed by textual content. Here, the goal is to locate.

Internet user when submitting a request

In the ready-to-wear sector, if someone searches for the query “men’s white t-shirt”, we suspect that the search intent is broad enough. This person is not sure if they want a white t-shirt with patterns, from a specific brand, in cotton, etc. It would therefore be logical to offer them the largest possible choice of white t-shirts so that they can find what they are looking for and direct their purchasing decision.

This is why, in the TOP 3 Google, we find for this request 3 marketplaces offering a wide range of white t-shirts for men.Here, it is the number of products which meets the expectations of the Net surfer who seeks to have the choice by searching for “white t-shirt man”.As you will have understood, writing a long text must be done naturally in relation to the relevance of the information you include in your text. However, just because your text will be longer than that of your competitors, doesn’t mean it will rank better in organic search engine results.

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