I am going to talk to you about 3 trends that, clearly, digital marketing will have to go through in the future: Artificial Intelligence As you know, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and by the way, to turn the Internet upside down. This technology gives the possibility of discovering the semantic intentionality in a web behind the words themselves. And of course, in the field of data analysis, Artificial Intelligence has meant a level jump, allowing considerably more advanced analysis. Artificial intelligence Semantic

Web Here we have the main manifestation of web 3.0. And also of the dream that Berners-Lee had in the late 90s: computers that can analyze all the data on the web , “intelligent agents”. We are talking China Phone Number  a website in which the software can interpret natural language. For example: write an article about email marketing without using the words “email marketing”. It seems strange, but the semantic web allows it, since the search engine understands the term beyond itself.

Keywords Are Taking A Back Seat

Because the semantic web knows how to interpret the theme of a text apart from the main keyword. From 4Ps to 4Cs You may have heard of the marketing mix, and of the 4Ps defined in the 1960s by Philip Kotler: Product. Price. Place. Promotion. This theory has evolved many times since then, and currently there are those who think that the marketing mix has up to 7 p, since it should be added: Process. People. Physical evidence. Well, with the arrival of digital marketing in the 90s,

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Lauterborn replaced the 4Ps with the 4Cs: Customer (customer, replaces the product) Today, a marketing strategy should not revolve around the product, but the customer. Hence, the first thing to define is the buyer person, thus understanding their pain points and their way of seeing things. Cost (cost, replaces price) More important than the price is the cost, since it includes, among other elements, the shipping costs.

According To The 4cs

The customer has to have it as easy as possible when buying a product. Convenience (convenience, replaces distribution) From the original approach of the marketing mix, so that the customer can find a product. It is necessary to distribute it. However, the 4Cs propose to provide the greatest possible facilities so. That the client can obtain it, when they want it and through the channel they prefer. Communication (communication, replaces promotion) Compared to promotion, communication is necessary,

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