To offer you a little reading during this bridging week or long weekend, I am Ecuador Email List you a free download of a thesis of around one hundred pages on Inbound Marketing in the health and biotechnology sector.

“Inbound marketing: a new form of communication in response to changes in the health and biotechnology sector?” This is my modest contribution to a most fascinating subject. Indeed the Inbound marketing is very little treated in French and I sincerely hope that work on this issue will lead to more discussions in the future. As part of the development of Markentive, I also set myself the goal of contributing academically to the promotion of this modern version of permissive marketing.

Paid techniques

Faced with the innovation crisis, the end of growth in mature countries and the need to save money, industrial groups must find a new way to communicate while facing a rapidly changing environment to maintain their profitability and restore their image following multiple health scandals. The renewal of healthcare professionals who are now digital natives impervious to advertising but accustomed to seeking the information they need via the internet also pleads in favor of inbound marketing.

Ecuador Email List

Inbound marketing appears here as an interesting, economical, informative supplement that would benefit from being integrated into the communication plan of healthcare manufacturers and biotechnology companies. Communicate without advertising, putting aside the ” towards a full-scale Community Management piloted by the marketing department via interactions on the internet. Having experienced inbound marketing with clients from the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, Markentive has established itself in this way as a communication agency focused on lead generation and the development of its clients’ ROI. ”

Traditional techniques

The finer your segmentation, the more accurate your targeting, the more effective your content will be. Of course, without proper promotion even the best content in the world has no chance of performing, but that will be the subject of another blog post. Blogging, and non-gated content (which can be accessed without filling out a form) in general, is therefore one of the most important techniques for generating leads.

Of course, you also have to be active on other blogs in your community / industry: posting relevant comments, answering questions while providing value (no promotional tone therefore!) And therefore participating in the conversation. It will also give you ideas for your content: you will know what interests your target audience, the problems they are facing.

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