If you can’t Albania Phone Number List moderate some content generated by your users , this can be the case with forum threads or even comments (although it is strongly recommended to validate them by hand), John advises to block these contents of Google indexing until they have been validated by you. Here is exactly what it says: “A simple way to prevent certain UGC content from polluting your pages is to block them from Google indexing until you manually validate their quality. This can be done by inserting the noindex robot tag in these UGC content sections . ” Once this content has been validated, you can remove this noindex tag.

And the links in all this? John Mueller concludes this video with details about outbound links that can be added to UGC content. Although many sites prohibit the addition of an outgoing link that accompanies the comment of an article or the message in the forum, John reminds that those who allow it must use the UGC attribute created especially for this purpose in 2019 . John reminds you that you cannot vouch for the outgoing links associated with UGC content. This is why it is advisable to clearly indicate to Google, via the rel = “ugc” attribute, that these links are associated with this type of content and are not added voluntarily.

What Is Ugc Content?

Our opinion The goal of this video is pretty clear: to encourage webmasters to use the rel = “ugc” attribute for all of their outbound links associated with UGC content. However, through this video and the carefully selected question, it is interesting to see Google’s double talk: On the one hand, John Mueller claims that UGC content is treated like the original content of your page because you are the one who validated it . Its quality has therefore been approved by you. But when it comes to outbound links, he says you can’t vouch for them. Hence the need to add the rel = “ugc” attribute to help Google identify them.

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Yet when you moderate and validate a user’s content, you are taking a look at the content and the associated link, which is tantamount to validating the quality of both. Would Google have trouble identifying by itself the outgoing links placed in UGC content? The full video is available below.How to use Google Alerts in your SEO strategy? An important aspect of the SEO consultant’s job is to be the eyes and ears of his clients. Many of them ask us to be an extension of their team, so it is our responsibility to communicate information to them about their competitors or their industry, as well as how this might have an impact or a influence on our strategy.

Identify Rp And Backlink Opportunities

Taking the pulse of several industries and competitors is a full-time job in itself. However, there is an easy way to get all of this information straight to your inbox. This solution is called Google Alerts . Thanks to Google Alerts, you can stay informed about the information and topics that matter most to you, in order to adjust and feed your SEO strategy . Summary What are Google Alerts? How to set up these alerts? Monitor your competitors and partners Identify RP and backlink opportunities Enrich your content strategy What are Google Alerts?

Google Alerts sends an email to your inbox with a list of relevant articles and mentions related to a topic that interests you. For example, you can create an alert to follow “Amazon” and stay informed, by email, of articles published on the web that talk about this company. amazon-google-alerts How to set up these alerts? Here’s how to set up Google Alerts: Go to https://www.google.fr/alerts In the search bar at the top, enter a topic you want to follow. You can use quotes to make sure you’re targeting the most relevant topics. To change your settings, click Show options.

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