Let’s start with the key figures: national Namibia Phone Number List is first of all 12.5 million students , including 6.7 million in primary and 5.7 million in secondary (6th to final, all routes combined). These students are distributed in approximately 62,000 establishments , including 53,000 public establishments and 9,000 private ones. These establishments are first of all 50,000 elementary schools, 7,000 colleges and 4,000 high schools. The engine in the reactor means 880,000 teachers , at all levels, for a Ministry which has 1,145,000 civil servants. Finally, the annual cost of a pupil goes from 6,000 to 12,000 euros between primary and the last classes. The result of all this produces 80% of graduates in a generation . Recall of previous episodes

Digital cannot be improvised and these projects take time. Let’s take a look at what has been going on in recent years between school and digital technology. At the start of the 2016 school year, 103 local authorities out of 108 had initiated a digital plan to equip 1,668 secondary schools. 239 establishments had already received the equipment during the 2015-2016 school year, the others will receive it during the 2016-2017 year. Remember that these other institutions we are talking about are more than 5,000 colleges … At the end of 2018, 23% of establishments were connected to fiber. Not won. The equipment is more

And In 2020, The Covid Will Uberize Everything

generalized, following an investment plan of one billion euros, over 3 years . On average, we have 1 terminal for 3 pupils in high school, 1 for 5 secondary school pupils and 1 for 16 primary pupils (which amounts to 2 per class of more than 30 pupils, but at the same time, “screens are harmful to health. “, it’s known…). What is a shame is that it is primary school students who represent the largest numbers (see key figures). You will tell me that a billion is enormous . Indeed, it is a lot of money. With an expenditure of 150 billion per year (for all National Education), we must therefore compare this billion invested with the 3-year

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budget of 450 billion. Which makes an investment in equipment of 1/450, or 0.22% (oh yes, anyway…). The following two dimensions to drive this transformation were: the experiments, a sort of outposts of developments. eCarto listed less than a hundred in all establishments at the end of 2018 … software, which remains a component of the digital transformation. The establishments have set up a Digital Work Space (ENT) to allow students, teachers and administration to have a common space. At the end of 2018, 85% of secondary students had access to an ENT and 20% of primary. In 2019, realizing that 94% of students aged

The Establishments – Which Have Been Looking

12 to 17 already have their equipment, the National Education changes strategy to promote Byod . And in 2020, the Covid will uberize everything March 13, 2020, emergency confinement. Teachers must learn to work remotely, changing the habit of 30 students in a class. The Ministry is distributing a detailed Vademecum guide from March 20, to answer all questions. It indicates in particular that: “To ensure pedagogical continuity, the teachers rely on: Usual paper media such as textbooks in the possession of pupils, most of which are now accessible online free of charge. Usual digital media such as: o The digital

workspace resources of their school or establishment; o Digital media, resources created by teachers and available editorial resources (BRNE, Eduthèque, etc.); o The CNED platform “My class at home”; o The CNED “Jules” platform to consolidate the student’s personal work; o The disciplinary or transversal resources of the academic site and other institutional sites . ” The establishments – which have been looking for solutions since March 13 – have used different systems, hijacked many applications , to make class: there are Gamers’ platforms like Discord, tools like Zoom, or Google Classroom or Teams! Others start to use digital-class or Laliloo! Some will say that it is not perfect, that it was improvised. I prefer to thank the

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