On the occasion of the speech of the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Marisol Touraine at telehealth 2013, our health communication Indian Email Lists published an article that you will find below in the Echoes. Due to lack of funding, organizational difficulties, the arrival of new technologies in the service of health is chaotic. In the current economic context, it may well be that telemedicine and DMP improvements will ultimately save money and be put forward in the government’s plan.

Under these conditions, how to encourage the purchase?
The presence of brands on social networks still acts as a showcase, rather than using it like an e-commerce site, it must be used for the distribution of content. The study of content influencing consumer behavior shows that corporate content is very important for Internet users. Even at a time of the multiplication of user opinions on the quality of products and services, the description of the product by the brand is still the 3rd element consulted primarily by an Internet user learning about products and services through networks. social.

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Markentive dans les Echos: E-health and telemedicine, opportunities to revolutionize the health system and the healthcare offer in France? Likewise, community managers and other corporate account managers on social networks should take into account the importance of photos for Internet users. Consumers love to see what they are buying!

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Also, the free iPhone application My Asthma offered to asthma patients since April 2012 by GlaxoSmithKline is worth mentioning. This was carried out in partnership with Asthma & Allergie and the National Committee against Respiratory Diseases (CNMR) and supports patients in monitoring their disease for a better exchange with the attending physician in consultation. To do this, this application tracks the number of emergency treatment takes and evaluates the patient’s Peak Flow value.

An Approach Focused On Content

The three examples cited above are based on distant models (community / collaborative, interactive, mobility), but all meet the needs of patients . For this, no secret, the dissemination of information requires the creation of quality content . In this context, this approach resembles, in our opinion, an inbound marketing approach . By providing its knowledge and expertise from a factual point of view, the industrialist gets closer to doctors and patients who may remember it the day they will be faced with a medical problem related to the products of the pharmaceutical group. .

Spoiler alert : 90% of the techniques mentioned in this article will be effective and will bear fruit in the long term, on the condition that you agree to make regular efforts and persevere. Are you also tempted by a professional experience at Markentive? We are constantly looking for new talents to enrich our team … Send us your application here .

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