Here are some Colombia Phone Numbers List given depending on the content type (Section 4.2): Information content should be complete and clearly written. It should also be factually precise and, if possible, be the subject of consensus among experts. Shopping content should make it easy for users to find and buy the products they want. Humor and satire should be entertaining. “Main Content” (referred to as “Main Content”, abbreviated “MC” in the document) is what directly helps the web page achieve its purpose.

It can be, for example, a text, a video, an online game, a shopping function etc … Quality Raters are instructed to read and completely consume the main content of the pages before making a decision, such as reading the article, watching the video, playing the game, adding the product to the cart, etc. same author is Depending on the type of content, they also want it to be factually correct and backed by expert consensus (where such consensus exists). The titles of your web pages should also be precise and descriptive. Google doesn’t like misleading headlines or “clickbait”. Your content needs to be of high quality for your page to be considered high quality. You should also have main content that varies by topic.

Examples Of Robots.txt Files

For example, an encyclopedia article may require a very high word count to be considered high quality, while the same cannot be said for a simple practical article. Google’s primary objective is to provide Internet users with answers to their search queries. They want people to find exactly what they are looking for. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that your pages meet the intent of those who type their keywords into the search field. Think about what people are looking for, and make sure your content is a high-quality response to their queries.

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The reader should never have a reason to click on the “back” button and click on a search result other than your own. 4. Information about the authors and the website Google wants websites to display clear information about who is responsible for different pages, as well as about the site as a whole. Depending on the purpose of the site, Quality Raters may also need different levels of contact information. Most websites should have a simple contact form so that users can reach the person who manages the site. But other types of websites need much more detailed contact information. For example, shopping sites need to have clear customer service information .

Why Do You Need Robots.txt?

Indeed, e-commerce must also include pages which clearly set out the conditions of sale , the return and refund policy , the legal notices , as well as other information necessary for the buyers to be able to make informed decisions. cause. Your website will need to have a sufficient amount of this type of information to be considered high quality. Here are some examples of things to include: An “About” page: A page that informs users about the website and the person or company responsible for it. Contact page:

A page that includes a contact form or different contact options such as phone number, postal address, etc. Author Pages : It can be helpful for each author to have a page that provides a biography and details of their expertise. For pages with content, it is recommended to indicate under the title, the date of publication or update and the name of the author. The author’s name should be linked to the relevant author’s page. eat date article same It should be easy for readers to learn more about the author and the website as a whole, so these pages and features should be .

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