Solikend’s goal is to transform Malawi Email List hotel rooms into associative rooms. This is a surprising concept since 100% of the payment for the overnight stay is donated to associations. The idea came from the crossing of 2 observations: the difficulty for associations to find funds to set up associative actions, the availability of hotel rooms in the region. The concept imagined around these two observations was challenged in partnership with professionals from the hotel sector and associations to build with them the foundations of what Solikend would be. Initiated in Biarritz 3 years ago, the project was tested for the first

time in 2018 with 7 hotels and 3 partner associations. The objective of this experiment was to prove that each actor in the built system – associations, hoteliers and customers – would play their role in the chain in an innovative economic model. Solikend’s model is intended to be positive for the customer in terms of experience and commitment, positive for associations in terms of funding capacity, and for hoteliers in terms of promotion and civic engagement. The proposed offer is a solidarity offer. Depending on the offers, 5 to 25% of the price of the room is donated to an association. Association itself chosen by the client. It is also

Previous Experience As An Entrepreneur

the client who now pays Solikend. Remuneration offered in the form of a contribution suggested to him when booking the room. Customers naturally play the game and generally leave between 15 and 20% of the room price in remuneration because they are sensitive to Solikend’s issues and wish to support an association themselves. But where did you get the idea for Solikend? The concept of Solikend was imagined in a hotel and built in consultation with professionals in the hotel industry and associations. On this basis, the project naturally evolved into a start-up and won several calls for projects in New Aquitaine, and has been officially


launched since September. Previous experience as an entrepreneur? Yoann Magnin, Founder of Solikend Engineer by training and employee of the Ministry of Ecology, for several years, Yoann Magnin wanted to leave what he knew to evolve in the world of entrepreneurship. Motivated by the desire to carry a project that has meaning, the idea of ​​developing a concept that presents many interests on the social level and of having a significant impact in this environment makes for him completely sense. Joining the ESTIA incubator was the determining element that made it possible to fully integrate into the start-up universe, to be

Today Solikend What Does It Give

surrounded by people with the same problems, and to benefit from the support of professionals such as the CSO. Today Solikend what does it give? Solikend has since moved from the incubator to the nursery, where support is reduced because the company is more structured. But S olikend continues to benefit from the dynamism and advice of other structures. The offers have been officially open to the general public since September 25, 2019 and their reputation is starting to grow. This lack of perspective does not yet make it possible to really measure the impact and the interest for the general public. The partner hotels and non-

governmental organizations that have joined the Solikend community have made it possible to offer more than € 225,000 in solidarity nights on the site since its launch. An offer that will allow them, they hope, to quickly find its audience. And tomorrow ? At Solikend we avoid confusing speed and haste. The objective for the next 3 years is to increase the offer of hotels and associations and to succeed in selling 2,000 solidarity nights per year. International development will always be an option to consider in the future, but it is not the priority. It is first necessary to demonstrate that the system is viable in France. If the project is shown to work

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