Not only because they want to keep an eye on their Netherlands Phone Number team. But also because they have established their position in the old system and therefore believe in it. That is why it is difficult to get managers on board with change. New ideas for the organization Netherlands Phone Number of work. Isabel de Clerq gave the example of David Salomon , the CEO of investment bank Goldman Sachs, who calls remote working a “mistake” that “must be rectified as soon as possible.” His colleague Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the US, explains : Working from home Netherlands Phone Number doesn’t work for people who want to hustle, doesn’t work for culture, doesn’t work for idea generation.

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Try selling new ideas about hybrid work to these Netherlands Phone Number kind of mastodons. 3. Plug-in hybrids: online onboarding of new employees Going back to the other end of the spectrum for a moment: what applies to juniors, applies to newcomers to a greater extent. Fortunately, much more attention has recently been paid to good onboarding . This is necessary in view Netherlands Phone Number of the tight labor market and high turnover rates. But how do you combine that with hybrid working? An example from Killian Wawoe: one of his students had completed an internship at a large Dutch multinational during the lockdown.

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What did you think of the company?” he asked. “I don’t Netherlands Phone Number know,” was the reply, “I’ve only seen my bedroom.” Wawoe adheres to the 70-20-10 model of learning at work: knowledge is gained for 10% through formal learning, 20% through Netherlands Phone Number coaching and 70% through copying. Especially the latter is of course much more difficult online. Woman works from home behind laptop with article hybrid work and digital employee experience.

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