continuation of the transformations Nigeria Phone Number List started by many companies. This time, with a fairly effective “engine”: the fear of endangering fellow citizens / employees / customers / relatives… First overview of the transformations currently accelerating in various sectors: Education: for a certain number of post-baccalaureate studies, distance learning can be continued on a long-term basis, replacing lecture hall courses and retaining the tutorials in small face-to-face groups. Many schools were already in the process of implementing their distance learning platforms, we have supported some of them. For the smallest classes where physical presence is essential, digital cannot be the only recourse but a face-to-face / digital mix is ​​

ancertain cases to town shops. Booksellers have already implemented these solutions with personalized advice in video, payment on the site or via a link sent by SMS and collection in front of the store. Likewise, brands such as Saint Maclou have managed to continue their activity by providing telephone advice, payment via SMS platform and the online organization of deliveries and installation work. Administrations and administrative functions (accounting, invoice processing, etc.): digitization was already underway with the digitization and digital processing of mail flows (GEC projects dear to our Breton partner Eric Villesalmon, who hosted a Morning Talk on the subject just before containment). Sufficiently mature today,

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these dematerialized solutions and processes make teleworking possible or at least a face-to-face / telework mix (every other week?) Making it possible to limit the number of employees present on the same site at the same time, the number of people in transport at the same time. Industrial production sites : the activity requires a physical presence on the production lines. On the other hand, an overhaul of the organization can make it possible to limit contacts there: reorganization of workstations, optimized flows requiring less staffing, clearly separated activity areas … Nothing but very classic in a Lean 5S approach , who may have

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to integrate a 6th S such as… “Isolate oneself / Protect oneself /…”? And as with any other project of this kind, those who are in the field on a daily basis will be in the best position to offer adapted, effective and realistic solutions. This month we are starting the first Gemba Walk (workshop Lean visit) in connected mode with 360 ° camera. “Last mile” transport and delivery : in addition to individual protection measures, the use of collection boxes or direct deposit or collection in letterboxes limits delivery person / customer contacts, and therefore risks. Supplemented by procedures for the “decontamination” of employees throughout their tour, but also when they return to their homes, these simple measures can drastically reduce the risks.

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Catering : this is probably, along with events and shows, one of the activities for which the imperative of social distancing seems the most difficult to achieve. The spacing of tables and customers, which could secure the activity for both customers and restaurant owners, is not economically sustainable on its own. The solution may lie in a mix between on-site sales and take-out, both of which can benefit from the contributions of digital to limit physical contact. But it is indeed not very encouraging, as the customer experience in a restaurant is equally divided between what is on the plate and the smile that accompanies it.

Create tomorrow. Now Our baseline has never been so true: we have been supporting our clients in the transformation “in the digital age” for more than 10 years, but it has never been so important and urgent. The almost instantaneous change of context, the sudden and lasting appearance of the imperative of social distancing, obliges us all, collectively, to transform the activity, the processes, so that they are operational again. To continue (start again?) To live, quite simply. Better if possible. This is evidenced by all the dazzling innovations and advances that have been made since the start of this crisis: use of diving equipment

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