The use of South Korea Phone Number List ads is a topic often discussed in SEO. Indeed, since the increased use of smartphones to browse the web, Google has clearly announced that a pop-up impacting a user’s experience on mobile is not recommended. However, in some cases it is interesting that Google can tolerate this practice.It was through this blog post that the Mountain View firm said that in order to improve the mobile search experience, pages whose content is not easily accessible to a user after clicking on the Google result could not to be ranked as well as others, organically. Basically, if you force the display of a pop-up on your site, taking up the entire screen of the phone, before the user takes an action on the site, you risk seeing your SEO visibility drop .

However, in some cases the use of an interstitial may be tolerated by Google. This does not generate a negative impact on your natural referencing .This is the case if your interstitial takes up a small part of the page and does not (or only slightly) interfere with the Internet user’s experience.The word interstitial is a direct derivative of interstice, which can be defined as a small space between two parts. An intermediate space located between two elements.

Google penalizes the use of intrusive interstitials on mobile

In the context of digital marketing, interstitial often refers to the use of a pop-up , an advertisement in the form of an intermediate window which comes between the user and the website he is currently working on. to consult.As noted above in this article, if you display intrusive interstitial (pop-up) advertising on mobile, Google will penalize your site by lowering its visibility in organic results.John Mueller, of Google, indicated in a Google Webmaster Central video on July 24, 2020 that it may be acceptable to use an intrusive interstitial.In this video (which you can find at the bottom of the article) a site owner asked a series of questions about intrusive interstitials to find out if there was a way to use them without their pages being SEO devalued.

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Indeed, when we speak of intrusive interstitials, it is because they occupy an important part of the page, hence the word “intrusive”, which makes it a sometimes effective means of stimulating conversions on the web. site.The problem is, people often find them disturbing, which is why Google devalues ​​pages with intrusive interstitials on mobile.However, there is a way to use them without hurting the SEO rankings of your pages.The site owner asked John Mueller if he could get away with showing intrusive interstitials that take up the entire screen, to visitors from direct access and other marketing channels, and smaller interstitials to visitors. from the organic and Googlebot.

Its use may be tolerated in certain cases

Small parenthesis: For e-commerce site managers , the display of pop-ups occupying the entire screen is often a generator of business and conversions. This is also one of the best practices for collecting as many emails as possible and then increasing customer loyalty. It is therefore important to combine this business need with the SEO prerogatives imposed by Google.In this situation, the contributor who solicits John Mueller wishes not to impact his email harvest by continuing to display a full screen pop-up, except to visitors from SEO.Note: Feeding Googlebot with different content than what users see is generally considered cloaking , but apparently it’s okay when it comes to interstitials.

“It’s generally acceptable. What to watch out for is that when Googlebot crawls and indexes your page, a referrer is not being sent. On mobile, showing a smaller interstitial to users coming from SEO will be seen as some kind of enhanced view. You just need to make sure that this enhanced view is also what Googlebot sees when it crawls and indexes pages. Otherwise, we could not take it into account ”. To summarize, John Mueller validates the fact that a site can decide to display different pop-ups for visitors. In this situation, it is accepted to display a full screen mobile pop-up for visitors from .

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