Of course, this question can not be answered definitively, and a careful study of the Cayman-Islands Email List context is required before making a decision. In our digital strategy audit missions , we encountered both scenarios and we decided to share with you some elements that can help you see more clearly.

Digital marketing manager, web project manager, digital communication manager … From a semantic point of view, many variations are currently found in the company, and these professions being still new, a certain “artistic vagueness” exists around the missions actually carried out by these people. For many business leaders, these people “take care of the internet, because someone has to stick to it” . If the initial motivation is somewhat risky, the approach seems interesting to us, because the internet has become a medium of choice for all companies, and only responds to very few codes identified by the older generation of marketing professionals.In this sense, if you do not recruit a dedicated profile, you have a good chance of having a zero level of skills on the digital level of your company, which could very strongly disadvantage you against your competitors:

What risk is there in outsourcing digital marketing?

If your service provider is honest, an expert in your industry, able to manage multilingual content , interact with all the teams within your company and manage the strategic and operational aspects of your digital communication over the long term, you can then outsource these activities with your eyes closed. Do not dream too much … It will be very difficult for your service provider (s) to be able to offer consistent one-off and recurring digital activities, without having a foot in your company to exchange with your marketing teams, your current agencies, your technical managers, or failing thatto have a dedicated interlocutor capable of doing so . So here is our digital marketing manager, without him, your business will face certain problems.

Cayman-Islands Email List

It definitely seems to be important. A simple and legitimate question then arises in an uncertain economic context: should we outsource or recruit a dedicated profile? And you, have you ever thought about using the long tail strategy to boost your SEO results? If you want to implement this technique for your business site, do not hesitate to call on our referral and SEO agency !

Timing is also an important element:

No matter where you are in the life of your business, you will certainly need coordinated action to anticipate, implement, or reap the benefits of your digital campaigns. During our audits, we faced two questions : What about recruitment: If we have already implemented most of the planned activities?
Certainly, activities have been set up thanks to a collaboration with web agencies, but the role of “conductor” can help you on many other levels:

Measure the results obtained Evaluate the consistency of the actions implemented and refocus them Drive monitoring activities such as SEO , content marketing or social media Anticipate changes and adapt web tools Here we put our finger on an important point which is sometimes still poorly identified by certain executives or marketing managers, namely that digital communication is an evolving activity. She asks so much work on a recurring basis with the creation of content, the social media or SEO as for the simple creation of a platform.

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