Here, we talk about innovative marketing, Inbound marketing and quite often what is happening in the health sector, our historical area of ​​expertise. We have now supported several pharmaceutical or medical device Denmark Email List in setting up their digital strategy, targeting pharmacists, the general public or directly doctors and prescribers. When we try to reach doctors, we face a major constraint: the regulatory aspects and the rules of non-advertising. Today we are interested in what is happening on the other side, do doctors have rules to follow, and if so, what are they? What trends and what opportunities for manufacturers?

In its white paper, Medical Ethics on the Web , the CNOM (or National Council of the Order of Physicians) presented several recommendations on the behavior to be adopted by physicians when using the Internet. These recommendations are broken down into 4 points:

Put the web at the service of the doctor / patient relationship

Without replacing the dialogue of a consultation, the Internet makes it possible to consolidate this relationship. To ensure better assimilation of information given by physicians, the CNOM considers that physicians should direct the general public to sites offering reliable information.

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In theory, this is one more interesting recommendation, and one which could avoid the use of original information, to say the least eccentric, by patients (forums and other opinions from individuals). That being said, doctors themselves already have difficulty finding reliable medical information online . With this in mind, producing reliable information for physicians who may talk to their patients about it is already a guarantee of visibility for manufacturers!

Contribute to the production of health information

Faced with the enthusiasm of Internet users for health information and the guarantee of reliability that a doctor represents as a source of health information, the CNOM recommends that doctors participate in the popularization of medical and scientific knowledge by getting involved in the publication. in line. This publication can be carried out on a personal basis or for organizations if it is done in compliance with strict ethical rules. The participation of physicians in collaborative spaces is also mentioned, but in this context “the relations maintained […] with industrial health companies must be declared in such a way and with a presentation such that they are immediately accessible to the public”.

With some precautions, manufacturers can therefore rely on the direct players in health (doctors) to provide very relevant information. Make responsible use of digital social media
In the same way that we could advise it to any individual, the CNOM invites doctors to be attentive to the image they convey on social networks, just as they must protect the confidentiality of their patients. Doctors are still advised to assume their identity on social media, as the use of a declared pseudonym may be tolerated. Indeed, physicians who are moderators of health forums are responsible for the content of their messages, and should not hesitate to mention the need for a consultation. As part of their participation in collaborative spaces closed to the public, doctors must register and justify their professional status. Doctors will undoubtedly be more and more present on social media platforms.

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