Today I am keen to share with you a reflection that I have had in recent weeks with some of my clients, for example, offering consulting services. We were interested in the added value of Inbound Dubai Email List when the concept of valuing a company arrives (resale, retirement …). Could inbound marketing actively participate in this value creation ? The value of a company integrates multiple variables such as notoriety, the consistency of the client portfolio, recurring and contracted turnover, the exclusivity of products or services …

In the case of consulting services, The value of a business is often embodied by business leaders who sell their expertise and who often operate “through networks” to reach new clients. Very often, the brand and the image of the company are neglected in favor of actions based on relationships, which if they are very effective in the short term, do not last at the departure of senior executives … As part of our activities to set up Inbound Marketing on behalf of our clients, we have realized many virtuous effects:

The generation of new leads

Often presented as the number 1 argument in favor of inbound marketing, it allows the generation of new prospects in a natural way via the website of companies. Taking a step back and innovation. Taking the time to take care of your speech and presentation is also an opportunity to question yourself permanently by avoiding falling into an operational spiral that deprives of any novelty. Reading blog articles, finding interesting topics for your clients can indeed open up new horizons and allow you to set up new partnerships!

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The creation of lasting values Inbound marketing, by maintaining a quality blog and improving SEO, sustainably improves the reputation of companies. It is on this last point that I wish to develop my remarks today. A history of a few years of work concerning referencing in search engines, feeding a business blog, providing a large base of contacts who have subscribed to your newsletter …

Continuous monitoring to move closer to excellence

In the Inbound Marketing , we communicate a lot via the blog . Information concerning the conversion rate via landing pages , the origin of the traffic and the success of certain blog subjects thus make it possible to direct the communication effort towards what works best! So you don’t have to wait for quarterly sales results to find out what interests your customers the most.

All these elements are in my opinion very easy to promote when reselling a business and for some service companies, creating value is sometimes difficult! In addition, a company that achieves effective inbound marketing generates leads in a natural way even after the departure of its founders! I imagine that the creation of e-reputation, notably through Inbound Marketing activities, is an excellent way to generate value for companies … What is your opinion?


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