In times of confinement, the school Sri Lanka Phone Number List no choice and must reinvent itself using digital tools. The distance school is therefore set up thanks to several software: ENTs (Digital Work Space) to communicate lessons and exercises between teachers and students and their families which are also used the rest of the year (but less frequently): Ecole Directe / Charlemagne de Statim, Pronote d ‘ Education Index… Applications to set up real distance courses with a virtual classroom, such as the solution recommended by the National Education: “ Ma Cl direct ” However, the applications, used nationwide, were not intended to receive such a

large load simultaneously. As a result, since Monday, connection problems have been felt on certain applications. “Ma Cle direct” is experiencing major problems, whereas it is the remote classroom system that allows a more direct link between teachers and students to be maintained, in particular over time. My Virtual Cl sse , aptly named How did Discord, a priori enemy of education in times of peace, become an ally in times of war? Faced with the absence of a functional remote classroom solution offered by the National Education and in the urgency of this unprecedented situation, teachers and students therefore looked to

In Times Of Confinement

workarounds to exchange lessons and exercises, teach lessons online remotely. Discord The solution came from students who proposed to use Discord , a platform initially used by 250 million gamers around the world to communicate with each other during games of video games. A math teacher at Dreux high school (Eure & Loir, Center-Val de Loire) has set up servers for her classes, thanks to her high school sons themselves, and makes herself available at several times during the day to answer to the questions. The son of a colleague at Malakoff high school has been using his Discord class for several months between

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students; with the end of classes, they informed the teachers about their tool, and some teachers are starting to take it in hand. At the Joffre high school in Montpellier, in the same vein, Gamers have offered this workaround to their teachers who are starting to learn by creating discussion channels.several advantages: to begin with, its flat structure allows quick access. Rather than asking you to choose the storage space yourself, the system takes care of this step. The user is not able to see where the object has actually been placed. This is not important, however, as the object can be found and viewed directly via its unique ID

Faced With The Absence

As a result, object storage is particularly suitable for a public cloud. The storage space is thus ideally exploited. It’s cute, but collaboration in all of this? Concretely, I am able to tell you about what I know and what I have been able to experience. My knowledge obviously remains to be deepened. This feedback therefore mainly concerns the NAS and the Cloud. Overall, I am very satisfied with the 2 solutions, each of which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The NAS makes it possible to create a single

storage space centralizing all the data, and making it accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device, as long as the configuration is correct. Installation and configuration are simplified since (almost) automatic, the NAS having its own operating system. The storage in file mode does not shake up the habits acquired by using PCs. The files are stored in directories each with their own tree structure and hierarchy, and are available to all users with access rights. As long as a file’s location is not changed, its path remains the same. On the other hand, NAS also has its drawbacks. The data will still be accessible in the local network as long as the equipment is functioning, but will no longer be able to be accessible to the outside in the

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