Since 2006 it has been welcomed by thousands of Americans, and later by more than 100 countries, for its attractive features that have won over its users. Immediate: What prevails within this social network is the immediacy of the news or information, since you can have it in real time and know every detail of it hourly and updated. Interactive: Twitter has been characterized by having the active participation of thousands of users on a topic, where they share opinions, photos, videos, which makes it a communicative and active social network. Asymmetric: Compared to Facebook, where users can agree to accept another person and both become friends, things change on Twitter, because one person can follow another, but that does not mean that the other user follows him.

Mutual consent is not required here on both users. Limited: In this context, we mean the number of characters that can be written in a tweet, which is only 140 characters long . On this side, users should limit themselves to writing more than necessary, otherwise the message would be incomplete and not understood. Some more features Lithuania Phone Number Global: Twitter is one of the most well-known and used social networks in the world , therefore, it is available in more than 40 languages . In addition, this is a means to learn about global and local trends, which makes its users more connected. Viral: The circulation of a piece of news or a topic can spread faster because this social network has millions of users around the world, making it a trend within hours .

Disadvantages on a Personal Level

Multiplatform: Accessing Twitter is now more accessible. Since it can from a computer, tablets, mobile devices, etc. Social: Creating communities on Twitter is getting easier, getting millions of people to make it one of the social networks in the world. Additionally, users can create lists on specific topics and add to accounts that may be of interest to them. Advantages and disadvantages Since 2006, Twitter has been so that the user experience within the social network can be unique. The microblogging service helps millions of users to express their opinions and learn about trends from around the world. Therefore, we must know what are the advantages and disadvantages that Twitter provides us both at a personal level and at a brand level.

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Advantages advantages of twitter Advantages on a personal level Know the latest trends in the world. Follow and stay connected with public figures, following their official accounts. Link your Twitter account with your Facebook profile, so every time you post on Twitter your posts on the other social network will. Create dynamic lists according to your interests or preferences. Give and inform your opinion based on a topic. Access from different mobile devices or computers. Have information about events in real time. Create tweets that engage with your followers. Improve your image as a person. Make live broadcasts thanks to its Periscope service. Connect with other professionals. Create hashags to highlight words that you want to highlight in your post.

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Advantages at the brand level Improve your online reputation as a brand. Create leads in Twitter Ads. Generate more leads by integrating Twitter Ads into your campaign. Free access to Twitter in its 24/7 service. Be with your followers, who can be or become customers. Monitor the competition, know the number of followers, and know if your posts have retweets. Being an excellent channel to offer your new products or services. Promote your events, campaigns, conferences, courses that take place in your company. Carry out surveys to your followers to have more information about a topic. Know first-hand the needs, doubts or problems of your followers and/or clients. Have information in real time, which allows taking actions. Expand the portfolio of providers to improve their service. Create loyalty of followers by grouping them in Twitter lists.

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